7 Types Of Situation We All Have Day Dreamed About!

By- Shreya Sharma

We daydream of all that we have been wanting for so long or are excited about. It is like a never ending process. From our problems to our expectations, we day dream about everything. Here are types of situation we all have day dreamed.

  1. Job

We all daydream about our dream job, how it will be, how we will be in that, how things will go. This is the most common dream we all have and think most about with our open eyes.

  1. Celebrities

Remember the scenarios we make in our head that how we will react and act when we meet the celebrity we adore. I do this all the time like ‘I will ask this”, “I will do this”, “I will act that way”. We all have done that fan girl day dreaming.

  1. About boyfriend or girlfriend

When we cannot stop thinking about our boyfriend or girlfriend. It is like the favorite daydream and we can think about it all of the time. The dates we plan, the quickies, the long trips etc.

  1. Trips

Those Goa trips are on every person’s mind. When we plan of what we will wear, how the nights will be etc. We visit Goa in our head only. It is like we are already there. Or we plan of any trip we will have with either our boyfriend or friends.

  1. Sex

The hush-hush topic is always on our heads. We daydream a lot about it; the scenarios, the fetish, the fantasies and everything about it. We may feel awkward accepting it. But this is the truth; even girls are in this sex daydream land.

  1. Times after earning

Remember the constant thought we have that when we will earn, we will buy this, visit this place, go on trips, buy gifts for everyone etc. This is one pleasing daydream that we all want to accomplish ASAP.

  1. Marriage

This is the daydream that our parents certainly have on their minds 24*7. Not only they, even we daydream about our sibling’s, friends and even our marriage day. We think about how the day will be, how the rituals will take place, what we will look like etc.

Source : giphy, tumblr

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