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15 Thoughts Single Girls Have Around Couples!

By- Shreya Sharma

It is totally up to you as to how you take your single life; if you enjoy it or take it as a curse. There are women who take being single as a curse and turns out to be rude, hate their single life and people who are in the relationship. They feel the people who are dating are lucky and have some dating jackpot. They do not understand how these couples manage to be together and they think the worst things about couples. Here are 15 thoughts single girls have around couples.

  1. They are just settling

They think that the couple around them is settling and do not have anything in common and it is better for them to have a different kind of partner. They are just making harsh judgments about the couple and think that every other couple is settling even without knowing the reality.


  1. Could they not find anyone else to date?

This is a horrible way to judge people and think that they could not find anyone else to date and that is why they are together. They may think this way for their friend or even their BFF. This can actually be true because sometimes people are not really meant for a relationship, so they date the first person that shows interest in them.

  1. They are too lazy to break up

This is something every single girl might have thought. This is actually true because there are a lot of couples who are lazy to break up. One might think to break up since a long time, but they do not do it because they have other things to focus on and breakup is never a fun thing. Single girls think that other couples are still together because they are too lazy to break up and move on.

  1. Too comfortable

They think that both the people involved in the relationship are too comfortable with each other and that is the reason why they are still together. Couples, who hate each other and fight in public, are not meant to be together. This is really bad a sight to witness. Sometimes single girls think that they are too comfortable with each other and that is why they do not break up so that they do not have to stay alone.


  1. To show they have a partner

Single girls think that couples are together because they want to have someone in their life. They do not want to be alone; they have always dated someone and want to always have a plus one to accompany them. They think single people are the loser and they are not too old to be single.

  1. Someone would be cheating

Single girls sometimes think that one out of the two would be cheating and try to figure it out. They do not say it directly because they know it can damage their friendship. But they think about it may be because they have faced it in past or maybe they have watched too many movies and read too many novels. It can also be because of the suspicious nature of one partner.

  1. There is a lot of drama

They think that couples are a lot of drama which is somewhat true as well. Some may think that couples are creating a drama and fighting for no reason while others may feel that this drama is real. A single girl may think that the couple is creating drama and being ridiculous.


  1. They want to be back with their ex

This is an awful thought that the people are only seeing each other because they want to get back at their ex.  If the relationship is rebound, then this can actually be true. They still love their ex and want to make them feel jealous. It is hard to admit even if it is true.

  1. They have no common grounds

People get into the relationship when they like each other and have some common grounds, however strange those grounds can be. You are not a part of their relationship to know anything about it. A single girl may think that this couple does not have any common ground to have their relationship.

  1. They want to get married

Single girls can be thinking about this because they are jealous and have the wedding on their mind. They get jealous to see an engaged couple because they wonder if this will ever happen to them or not.


  1. They hate each other

There are the couple who fight all time, there are girls who complain about their boyfriend and say worst things about them. And same is with the guys. This makes single girls think that they hate each other.

  1. They are in it for physical intimacy

Couples need to be attracted to one another and have physical intimacy, but no one has the right to judge them. This is a mean thought if the single girl thinks that a couple is together only to hook up. This could be because they think that the couple is poorly mismatched and do not have anything in common.

  1. They deserve someone better

The single girl may think that both people involved in the relationship deserve someone better because the girl might be too controlling and clingy or the guy might be too lazy to put efforts into the relationship. This is something that the people involved should think about and not some outsiders.


  1. They need couple therapy

Thinking that people need therapy mean thinking that they have got some serious problem or they cannot deal with something in their life. Therapy is awesome and helpful but no one wants to be told that they need therapy. The issues of a relationship are a problem of the people involved in it and they should know how to handle it. It is none of someone else’s business.

  1. They are just using each other

Some single girls think that some couples are using each other and that’s a horrible thought to have. It’s awful to think that maybe one partner is using the other one for their personal or professional connections. This is basically a type of manipulation and lying and it’s pretty awful.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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