7 Things we love about the Harry Potter Series

Remember the series that you started watching or reading in your childhood and you thought it would be just like any other, but what it actually did is brought all your fantasies to life and lit up your childhood? Yes, you guessed it right! It is the Harry Potter series I am talking about. This series has such impact on us that it only takes certain hints to recognise that we are talking about it. It had a great influence on our childhood and we love it. Following are some of the things why we love harry Potter series.

  1. Fantasies come true

In our childhood we used to have multiple fantasies and we would spend hours drenched in them, thinking about them but nobody expected that Harry Potter series will be the only platform where all our imaginations and fantasies would take shape. We started coming across things that we have fantasized to have at certain point of time. Moreover it enhanced and encouraged our potential to imagine and fantasize.


  1. Bonding that motivate

Harry Potter taught us that you are not required to be in a blood relation to form a bonding with someone. There are several relations that taught us the thing, bonding between Harry, Hermionie and Ron, bonding of Serious and Harry, Bonding between Ron’s parents and Harry, bonding between the students etc. All these bonding showed that all you are required to do is just have a friendly approach and you can have a binding with anyone as strong as them.


  1. No cliché scenes

There wasn’t a moment in the series where somebody would predict it coming. The whole storyline of the series was original and interesting. It keeps you intact with the story from beginning to the end.


  1. Harry Potter accessories

Now how can we ignore the accessories that are used in the series. From the wand to the flying brooms, from wild chess to flying car. The accessories were a real treat to the eyes in the series. Everything a child can imagine of, in his/her childhood was in it. Absolutely nothing was left out.


  1. Learning and implementing

Harry Potter series also teach us that if the right knowledge is consumed and implemented wisely it will also cause us good. All we are required to do is open up and welcome every kind of knowledge that is coming to us and synchronize with them as time pass by.


  1. Spells and names

We all have been through those times when we use to play around with the spells and the names used in the Harry Potter series. The best thing about them was they were 100% original, new and interesting and it filled us with joy when we used to play around with them.


  1. Twist in the story and proper integration

A story is interesting to continue if the following parts are properly integrated with the previous ones. The whole Harry Potter series was excellently integrated and filled with twist that nobody could expect to come across. That is why this series stand aside all the time.


Well these are some of the things out of many that people love about the amazing Harry Potter series.

Skadoosh guys!

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