8 Things Men Just Don’t Understand About Women!

By- Shreya Sharma

Both men and women are not that different, but still, it is hard for women to understand men and for men to understand women. Both are confused about some weird and annoying things like going to the washroom together. Well, here are 8 things men just do not understand about women.

  1. The reason why we feel awesome when we take off our bra

They can never feel how bra suffocates our girlies and how it pinches us at weird places that we cannot even itch. It feels like being a free bird in the sky.


  1. The reason to say fine when we are not fine

Now guys know that our ‘fine’ does never mean fine, it means nothing is right and they are in for trouble. Boys need to understand that they should not poke us when we say we are fine because at that time we are the volcano that is ready to erupt.

  1. The reason for so many pillows on bed and couch

We love the feeling of being cozy. We love to hug our pillow while sleeping. We love those colorful and cozy pillows around us.

  1. The reason for bras being so expensive

What do guys have anything to do with this? We do not ask them why their Sandoz are cheaper than our bras. We like to pamper our girlies with sexy stuff. We feel great when we buy some hot, sexy bras.


  1. The reason for buying new clothes and footwear when our cupboard is full of them

Guys can never understand the pace of fashion industry and the urge we have to buy new accessories, clothes, and footwear. We need matching stuff. We need shoes for the t-shirt we bought along with the bag or accessories.

  1. The reason for asking if we are looking fat

This helps us get some emotional support. We usually know that we are looking fat, but to boost our self-respect we ask such questions to our man.

  1. The reason to have so many makeups, skin care, and body care products

We love to be clean and beautiful all the time. We want eyeliner, lipstick and everything in all shades. That should be none of your problems.

  1. The reason for taking so long while applying eyeliner

Have you ever tried to apply eyeliner? They will never understand how difficult it is to draw a straight liner near your eyelash with your one eye closed.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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