13 Sex Secrets Every Woman Should Know!

By- Shreya Sharma

The idea of sexual intimacy changes for everyone in the relationship over time. Initially, we cannot keep our hands off our partner and later it may feel like a daily chore if we do not find some exciting ways to spice up things. Sex is not a secret but a natural act, but how to keep it exciting is sure a thing people wish to keep as a secret. Unconditional love and lustful passion are great ingredients to keep your sex life going. Understanding a few sex secrets will help you understand what it takes to feel sexy and keep your partner interested in you. Here are 13 sex secrets every woman should know.

  1. Sex is not just physical attraction

Good looks can increase your sex appeal, so work out and try to look your best for each other. The fitter you get, the sexier you feel and look which increases your sex appeal.


  1. Your demand makes you sexy

The more the men admire you, the more your man will desire you sexually and will be interested in you. Attention from opposite sex is sure to make your man desire you more. When something is easily available, we overlook its value and same happens in a long term relationship. But when you are appreciated by others that are when your partner will truly appreciate how awesome and sexy you are.

  1. Dirty talking is sexy

When you talk about sex, it helps you understand each other’s desires and expectations. Do not be the prude, speak up and talk about sex even when you are not having sex. It will work wonders for your relationship.

  1. Regular sex brings monotony

When you do not bring in new elements in your sex life, it turns out to be boring and monotonous. Sex is about what you do with each other during and after sex which makes it even more special.


  1. Hide your assets

Do not naked in front of your partner all the times. The more you stay naked; the lower will be his desire to have sex after some time as it will turn into a routine and routines are boring. Dress up and do not reveal it all at once, keep some excitement for bed.

  1. Talk about your imaginations

While having sex, your mind is bound to wander as you cannot simply stare into each other’s eyes. Talk about your thoughts while making love instead of hiding them. This will make your sex life more exciting and lustful. Talk about your fantasies and work on them.

  1. Play with positions

Though missionary position is the most comfortable and intimate position allowing you to face your partner while having sex. But every now and then try some new position to know how it feels.


  1. Sex makes you happy

During sex, endorphins are released into your body that makes you feel good about yourself. Sex can make you feel confident, calm, eliminate stress and relieve a headache. It will make you and your partner feel better.

  1. Men and women do not look at sex the same way

Men are visual creatures who are aroused by what they see physically, while women are aroused by emotional intimacy and what they feel and hear during sex.

  1. Dress up sexy

Look your best with your partner and there are chances that he will not cheat on you. When you find someone sexually attractive, you find it hard to lie to them or do things that may offend your partner. Instead of suffocating your partner, dress sexy and ensure that your partner still finds you sexually attractive.


  1. Having drunk sex

Alcohol reduces inhibitions which make you feel more open and relaxed during sex. Consumption of alcohol reduces testosterone in man which reduces their libido and increases it in the woman which increases their sexual satisfaction during orgasm.

  1. True love does not define sex

True love is not same as sexual attraction. Experiencing true love will not give you the perfect relationship. True love is love. But a perfect relationship needs more. It needs love and lust to be successful.

  1. Foreplay is a must

The longer you have foreplay, the more intense is the orgasm you experience. Do not go straight for the action, take your time to warm up and indulge in foreplay, your sex will last longer.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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