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15 Things Every Daddy’s Girl Will Understand!

By- Someshree Bannerjee

We love you Dad. No offense, Mom! We love you too. We may not say this quite often but we ain’t ashamed of admitting that he’s our first love and the ONE men we can always rely on. So, here we bring to you 15 things every out-and-out Daddy’s Girl can relate to. (This one is for you, Dad!)

  1. You have a super-cool rapport with your Dad and aren’t afraid of sharing anything with him.


  1. He has quite unique and funny pet names for you. And you feel loved when he calls you with one of those in public ’cause it’s Dad.
  1. You have the best inside jokes and the craziest codewords, which nobody else understands, not even Mom.


  1. It’s mandatory for your boyfriends to meet him first before officially asking you out.
  1. Once Dad approves of them, only then it’s a yes from your side ’cause his opinion matters a lot.


  1. He has the best and the most comforting hugs to cheer you up and lighten up your pensive mood.
  1. You always know that no matter what kind of trouble you land up in, he’ll always be there to bail you out of it, come what may.


  1. He correctly knows all about you – be it your likes and dislikes or the gift that you badly wanted as your birthday gift.
  1. He’s your mentor, the one who guides you through thick and thin and helps you take the most important decisions of your life wisely.


  1. You may not always be on the same page when it comes to your views but you always respect each other’s POV.
  1. He helps you get the much-awaited permission from Mom for your night outs and pajama parties.


  1. Hanging out with him is all so cool. There’s no awkwardness ’cause there’s a deep sense of understanding between the two of you.
  1. He has your best childhood memories to share ’cause he had been there by your side to save you from falling while you were learning to walk.
  1. You’ll always be his little girl no matter how old you get!


So, hurry, just run and give your Dad a big tight hug!

Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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