16 Tell-Tale Signs Your Guy Thinks You Are ‘THE ONE’!

By- Shreya Sharma

When we are in a relationship, we often feel that the guy we are with is ‘the one’ that is made for us. Just as we start feeling the head over heels crazy, in love and romantic with a guy, we are ready to confess our feelings to the man and tell them that he is the one we were looking for since forever. But before you just jump onto him to tell him what you feel, it is better to know if he feels the same way for you or not. Here are 16 tell-tale signs your guy thinks you are ‘the one’.

  1. He pays attention

He is attentive towards you and your needs. Just with your words and reactions, he can understand your mood and comfort you with his warm words.


  1. He makes plans

If a man is dating you, then it is because he wants to be with you and sees his future with you. He is making his plans to get you in his life forever.

  1. He is proud to have you

If he thinks that you are the one, he will never hide about you and your relationship will be in public. His friends and family will know about you. He will never mind taking you out and showing off that you belong to him, even if his ‘ex’ happens to see you together.

  1. He makes time for you

He might be busy with his work schedules or other projects, but he knows you are special and he will make time for you regardless of his work schedule.


  1. He expresses his feelings

For men, expressing feelings is hard. It is a sign of being vulnerable. If he is really into you, he will never be able to hold his feelings and will express his feelings for you every now and then.

  1. He knows how to make you feel special

When a man loves someone and thinks they are special, they will go to any lengths to show it and make you feel special.

  1. He makes you meet his family and friends

If you have met the people who he is important and close to him, then he is probably planning a future with you.


  1. His female friends know about you

If his best friend is a girl, then he will try his best to make you both feel comfortable with one another. He tries to make you talk and hang out so that you both feel comfortable with each other.

  1. He is not a player

He does not play games with you. If you think he is not serious about you or your relationship or is manipulating you, then you deserve someone better.

  1. He is honest

When a guy thinks that he has found his ‘one and only’ then his life will be an open book for you and he will be honest with you.


  1. He cares about your feelings

The right guy will be sensitive to your feelings. He will be bothered when you will be sad and he will stick by your side and look for ways to help you.

  1. He wants an exclusive relationship

When a guy thinks you are ‘the one’, he will want an exclusive relationship. Other women will not please him and he will not let any other guy steal you away from him.

  1. He remembers everything

If a guy sees future with you, then you will not have to remind him about your birthday, anniversary, your favorite flowers or anything. He will remember it all and will be ready with his plans in advance.


  1. His relationship status on social media

Men are private when it comes to a matter of the heart, so if his Facebook status shows ‘in relationship’, this is one big thing because he is accepting your relationship in public.

  1. He tells you that you are ‘the one’

Most men are casual about telling their feelings and they do not commit until they are sure, so if your guy says that ‘you are the one’ then he means it.

  1. His future includes you

He will consider your opinion and feelings before making any major decision. He wants to have you in his future.


Source –  Tumblr

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