10 Small Things Every Couple Should Try In Their First Year Of Marriage!

By- Shreya Sharma

The first year of your marriage is about fun, excitement, adventure, and adjustment. This is the special time where you actually get to bond with each other. When you are married, the first year of your marriage is the time when you start a new home and life together. But you need not get too serious about things. Here are 10 small things every couple should try in their first year of marriage.

  1. Dance together

Get into each other’s arms and dance on the beat of your love. This will be a memory to cherish always.


  1. Talk about kids

Enjoy your no-kids status as long as you want to, but there is no harm in having cute little conversations about babies and you will know your partner’s view about babies.

  1. Weekend trips

Once in a while plan a simple and inexpensive trip with your partner to a nearby location and explore more places together. This will make you feel more connected and happy together.

  1. Kiss and love

Kiss your partner as often as possible and say ‘I love you’ to express your love. This is your time to spend some lovey-dovey romantic moments that you will remember always.


  1. Dinner party

Host a post-marriage welcome party and invite your friends. This will give you a chance to grow close and have a bigger social circle.

  1. Join a class together

Join a class and you will strengthen your bond and comfort level with each other. Pick any hobby that you both want to work on and have a blast together.

  1. Know each other

You might have talked even before marriage, but still, there will be so much you do not know about your partner. This is the time to know more about each other’s feelings, wants, needs and desires.


  1. Do the chores together

Your household chores will be fun when your partner is your team mate. Get your partner to help you with household chores and this will help you both burn calories and stress.

  1. Surprises

Throw small little surprises for your partner, like visiting their office, leaving love notes or any other thing your man will love.

  1. Cook together

Prepare something simple together and you will feel more like a team. And you can even spend some romantic time in between.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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