12 Reasons To Have The Talk With Him Before Marriage!

By- Shreya Sharma

Marriage is an institution that requires both partners to put in equal efforts to make it a happy and long-lasting journey. One partner cannot run the relationship alone. If you have doubts or second thoughts about your partner’s behavior it is better to have ‘the talk’ before you get married. Here are 12 reasons to have ‘the talk’ with him before marriage.

  1. If he is too busy for you

It is not necessary that he should be there for you 24*7, but he should be there with you when you need him or on special occasions. You should be on the top of his priority list.


  1. If you do not like the way he talks with women

If he does not respect other women, he will not respect you either. If you man talks bad about them, stares them with wrong intentions then these are some alarming signs. And you need to talk about this.

  1. If for him, only his family matters

We know our family is the most important for all of us. But if he leaves you whenever his family is around, then this can be a big deal for you. Think of how things will be post marriage.

  1. If you feel he does not support you enough

There might be times when you are low and self-esteem has crumbled down. But, if you do not have his shoulder to lean on in this state, then it can make you feel lonelier. You will sure need support from your partner.


  1. If he blames you for everything

Anything and everything that doesn’t go according to plan is your fault! Would you want to put up with blames and accusations like that your entire life? No right? So it is time you speak up!

  1. If he never compromise or sacrifice for the sake of your relationship

You cannot be the only one sacrificing and changing yourself to adjust in his life.

  1. If he is suspicious of your every move

If he has issues with your male friends, late work hours, or being busy to not pick up the phone etc. You want a soulmate, not a warden.


  1. If he disrespects your family

If he does not respect your family, you will never be able to respect him. Plus if he misbehaves with your family, you will feel hurt and helpless.

  1. If he disrespect you

If he pokes constant jokes at you, does not let you speak or does not value your opinion, then you need to have words with him. You want a man who can show you off, not someone who keeps you in the background.

  1. If he never considers your opinion

If he does not ask for your opinion in the matters related to you two because he thinks he is smart enough to decide for you both, it is time you speak up.


  1. If you feel marriage is being imposed on him

You might get to know about this through his friends or family, or if you could sense this from his unwillingness to do couple things.

  1. If money is an issue

Money can create the rift in blood relations too. So you need to sort out financial issues before you reach a comfortable point in your relationship.


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