7 Things You Shouldn’t Get Jealous Of Your Boyfriend Doing!

By- Shreya Sharma

Mostly every one of us gets jealous at one point of our life or relationship. These feelings are uncalled and hard to push away. We know jealousy can ruin our relationship and we should know how to control it. But we know when it strikes; it is hard to get our hands off it, no matter how much we trust our partner. That little burning sensation does not help us make things fine and it grows if we do not put a halt on it. Here are 7 things you should not get jealous of your boyfriend doing.

  1. Having female friends

The way you can have friends in opposite sex, the same way he too can have female friends. Just because he has female friends does not mean he wants to replace you. If he does not cross his line, there is no harm if he has female friends.


  1. If he earns more

If he earns more than you, you should be proud of him instead of getting jealous. Your man is happy and that is important. If his job makes him happy, then you should not be jealous.

  1. Going out with others

He could be going out with his friends or his brother, you should not get jealous. He has his own life just like you have. You cannot be connected always.

  1. If he is close to his mother

You are not the only woman in his life. He has the mother, sister, and cousin that he could be super close with. He may prefer his mom’ cooking over yours but that does not mean he loves you any less. You should be happy that he is close to you.


  1. Looking handsome

Some women think that if their man looks handsome then other girls will be staring at him and get jealous over it. Remember he is yours, and other should be jealous of this fact.

  1. Masturbating

Masturbating does not count as cheating. If your man wants to masturbate when you are not around, then there is nothing to be jealous of this. Some men crave more sex in comparison to their partner, so instead of pressurizing you, he is doing it for himself.

  1. Having celebrity crush

We all have the celeb crush. The way it is okay for you to like famous men, the same way it is okay for him to like famous women. He is not comparing you to this famous actress, he is happy to have you and you should not be jealous of this.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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