20 Ways To Start A Conversation With That Cute Guy!

By- Shreya Sharma

You have been looking at him for years and wish to approach him but you could not gather up the courage. It is intimidating and nerve-wracking. Do not you feel tired of waiting for him to make the first move from so long? If yes, then step ahead and be the one to approach him. You might be scared of rejection, but if you do not try, you will never know his answer. Maybe he is too into you but he is too scared to approach you. Here are 20 ways to start a conversation with that cute guy.

  1. Your eyes speak a lot

A simple eye contact with a smile can say a lot about your interest in a guy. This way you can easily start your conversation. You gave him the hint and it is his wish now to move things forward.


  1. “You look so familiar”

This is one great way to start a conversation as you both get to list the people and places you go to. This way you will get to know him and will also be having so many options to start a conversation over.

  1. Have the time?

Be sure you do not wear the watch or have your phone on hand when you start the conversation this way. Be creative with your line, so that you can continue the conversation.

  1. Talk about mutual friends

If you share a set of mutual friends, this is one great way to start your conversation. Start asking him about those friends, and if he is interested in you, he will start the conversation further.

  1. Ask for help

Ask your man for help, and they are inclined to help you. It is an ego thing for the man. Ask your man about the road map and maybe he will guide you to that place. The more time you spend together, the more are the chances for you two to talk.


  1. Technology fail

How great it fails at times when you forget to charge your phone and it is dead! If he is around you know you can play this card, and ask him for help. Tell him your phone is dead and if you can make a quick call. Most likely, he will say yes, and then you can break the ice.

  1. Social media

You can use social media to start a conversation. If he posts a picture or status, it can turn into your conversation platform. You can comment on it or message him or talk in person about his post.

  1. Ask for the seat next to him

You can be in class, or bus or wherever, just ask him if the seat next to him taken or not. If that is vacant, sit there, thank him and add the comment. See if he replies back. If he is interested, he will start the chat.

  1. Talk about his dog

If the guy you like walks a dog, do not feel shy to stop and play with his dog and talk about it. This way you will have so many things to talk about. You can ask about dog’s name, his age, breed etc.

  1. The accidental bump

If your guy is not an arrogant ass, this can work for you. Whether you are in class or walking your dog, accidentally bump into him and say sorry and give him a smile. It will give him the opportunity to comment and you can start the conversation.


  1. Ask about the music

If you are at a coffee shop or bar, you can start the conversation about the song that is currently playing. This is the smart and safe way to start a conversation and he will not be able to ignore it.

  1. Ask about what he is reading

If you are at a bookstore, bus or airport or in class and he is reading a book, wait for him to look up and then ask him what book he is reading. If you know the author, you can talk about his other books and start up the conversation. This way you can show your similar interests and talk about it.

  1. Ask about score

If you are at the bar or put and the game is on, ask him about the sport. Make sure you are interested in that sport else you will gain some negative points only. You can talk about who your teams are etc.

  1. Traveling chatter

If you are traveling and wish to start the conversation with him, ask him where he is going? Make sure he is not going to his office. If he is traveling, you can share your travel stories and this way you can start the conversation.

  1. Compliment him

Do not be shy and compliment him about his shirt or hair. Everyone likes compliments, so make it your conversation starter.


  1. Dance

If you are at club or house party, you can dance next to him or playfully grab his hands to dance. This way you can show your playful side and he will find you charming. After the song ends, you can ask him his name etc.

  1. “You look like..”

Play “you look like this celebrity” with him to start the conversation. Make sure the celebrity you are comparing him with is smart and attractive but do not go overboard.

  1. The weather

Weather is a great excuse to start the conversation, however, lame it sounds. Maybe it is too hot or maybe it is raining and you do not have an umbrella and this way you can start the conversation.

  1. The tattoo

If he has an interesting, visible tattoo, why not ask him about it? Usually, every tattoo has a story, so you can start the conversation, plus you have a reason to stare at him without looking creepy.

  1. Send him a drink

This is one that requires a lot of courage.  If you’re at a restaurant or bar and you have glanced at each other, send him a drink. This is an obvious way to show you’re interested, and he would be a fool not to use this as a way to approach you.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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