7 Things You MUST Do Before And After Sex!

By- Shreya Sharma

Safe sex practice does not just involve using the condom, there are various other things that you should do like peeing. You should pee after sex if you if the pressure to because it will flush away any bacteria that has built up during sex and can lead to UTI. There are things that you should do before and after sex, whether you have it with someone with a vagina or penis or you use sex toys. Here are 7 things you must do before and after sex.

  1. Groom yourself to feel comfortable

Before you involve in the act, it is better you groom yourself in a manner that you feel comfortable. This is important because if you are not relaxed, it might be hard for you to get turned on. And this can result in the lack of lubrication down there and tense muscles which will make sex painful for you.


  1. Ask your man to pee first

Before having sex with someone with the penis, ask them to pee first because if they masturbated prior to having sex with you, there might be leftover semen hanging out in their urethra. And this is important if you are having sex without condom else it can lead to the chances of becoming pregnant. Peeing will flush the urethra of any leftover semen, reducing your chances of pregnancy.

  1. Sanitize sex toys

Take time before or after sex to sanitize all the sex toys you plan to use when you have sex. You will not want an unclean sex toy to get inside you.

  1. Wash your hands

Before you indulge in the act, it is better you and your partner wash your hands because you will be touching each other sensitive areas. You will not want a dirty hand to touch your body or someone’s dirty finger inside of you. Wash your hands to avoid infection.


  1. Go pee

After you have sex, go to pee as it flushes out any bacteria from urethra which helps prevent UTI. Without making excuses, go and pee.

  1. Clean down there

After having sex, use mild cleanser and water to get rid of any bacteria, sweat or fluids so that your urethra is bacteria free zone.

  1. Undies off

The last thing you want to do after getting all sweaty and swapping genital bacteria with someone is to suffocate your bits with underwear. Let your vagina breathe, because nobody wants to get a yeast infection right after doing it.


Source –  Tumblr

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