14 Happiest Moments Of Life When We Feel Like We Rule The World!

By- Shreya Sharma

Being a girl is awesome. Still are some not so fun things like periods, and gender issues but this does not stop us from being happy. There are girly stuffs to make you happy plus you are happy that society is accepting that you are okay falling in love and getting married along with having a career. We love lipsticks, nail paints, gossips, getting hair done and talking about boys. Here are 14 happiest moments of life when we feel like we rule the world.

  1. Girls night out

This is one free and fun moment. You are with the people you love and you can easily forget about everything else. You can go on dinner, drink or dance the hell out in a club. Or you can just stay in have pizza, wines, gossips and rom coms. You feel your best when you are with your girls.


  1. Your graduation day

You are done with your studies, worries and anxieties as now you will be a part of real world. You are having mixed feelings as you survived the rough times as well as super excited for what comes next. You feel free to do anything. You are young and innocent and believe that you can do whatever you want. You are happy now because you have not seen how rude and evil the world can be.

  1. Your first job

This is the time you realize that you cannot stay at home forever and you should actually work on yourself. You feel great about the fact that your hard work really paid off and someone wants to hire you actually. Your first job might not be your dream job, but your first job makes you feel that you are useful.

  1. Your first pay check

Your first pay check is indeed one happy moment because you have already planned how to spend it. You can now buy yourself all that you wanted to buy. You do not have to ask your parents for money. This is a part of growing up, and you will understand that you have to pay your bills as well. You always have a next pay check to fulfill your wish.


  1. Your dream job

This is one day when you achieve your dream, the thing that you have been wishing for and working for since a real long time. Your hard work has paid off; you had rough times, crappy jobs and now you are living your dream.

  1. When you know your true friends

It is one bittersweet time, when you learn about who your true friends are and who are the toxic ones that should be better left behind. You know your true friends will be there for you no matter what. They will love you, support you and will never be jealous of your achievements.

  1. When you make things official

When you make things official with the man of your life, you are seriously on the top of the world. You feel he is the best person you have ever met in your life. Your true friends are there to celebrate it with you and that is why you love them.


  1. First apartment

When you buy your first apartment, you feel like you are the only one who has accomplished this milestone. But this happiness stays till when you realize that you have to clean the apartment and cook on your own. You throw crazy parties at your place. You still love your first place.

  1. When you cook without burning things

You know how much your mom has tried to teach you how to cook, but failed. You love food, but you know you will learn to feed yourself. Your first attempt at cooking may be disastrous, but the first time you cook without burning things is one big cause for celebration.

  1. Promotions

You have proved to yourself and your boss that you are awesome and you know what you are doing. May be your promotion leads to your dream job. Your promotion may come with some other job perks and this is sure a reason to celebrate.


  1. When you are not pregnant

There are times in your life when you do not want to get pregnant; you might not be ready to have a family then. So, when you find out that you are not expecting a baby that is one greatest moment of your life. You feel relieved and are happy that you have your monthly visitors to visit you.

  1. Your engagement

Some people say that your wedding day is the best day of your life, and while you know that will be a magical and special day, this day is pretty magical and special, too. Because it’s the day that you realize that you won’t be alone forever and you will definitely always have someone amazing by your side to go through life with.

  1. Pregnancy

When you get pregnant because you want to have baby with your partner is one amazing moment. You will not be able to help yourself and feel like you are the only one in this world who is pregnant. This is one happy moment for you, your partner, your family and your friends.


  1. Your birthday

Everybody loves waking up on their birthday. Even if your day is only great for about five minutes, you have this feeling that something super fabulous and special is going to happen. But you’re hoping that won’t happen to you. It’s not your fault that you love birthdays. You’re taught to love them as a child. You may be older but you still love the day that you were born with as much passion as you once did.

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