15 Reasons You MUST Travel When You Are In Your 20s!

By- Shreya Sharma

Do not we all sometimes just wish to pack our bags and head for some vacation? Do not we all have those plans for Goa which, for some, do not ever come true? You might feel travelling is too expensive or you cannot manage your time to travel, but the best time to travel is actually now. People may tell you that it is dangerous to travel alone or it will cost you too much, but all of this is false. You can travel safely on your budget and gain a lifetime experience. Here are 15 reasons you must travel when you are in your 20s.

  1. You do not have to quit your job

When you grow up, you are so busy with your job that you find it hard to spare some time for travelling. So once you start working, you might have to quit your job for a long term vacation. If you are not working for a 9 to 5 job, you can easily take an off and travel and come back to your job. It is easy to balance travelling and working when you are young.


  1. You do not have kids

Though travelling with kids is not impossible, but it is much more expensive and difficult. You have to consider their holidays and you are responsible for their well-being, safety, and health. When you are young, you are only responsible for yourself. You feel freedom and flexibility when travelling because you do not have to take care of another person.

  1. You are more free financially

When you are young, you have more financial freedom than many adults. You do not have to pay the rent and for other utilities. You can save the money you will have to put up in living expenses when you are the adult. Make a budget and cut down on cost, to save for your travelling funds and eventually you will have money to travel.

  1. You can easily take off from school and work

As an adult, you will be working a full-time job with very limited time off. But when you are young, you have breaks for entire months. Even if you do summer internships, you still will be able to manage your time to go on a vacation because there will be no rigid rules.


  1. You can have more fun while sticking to your budget

Travelling on the budget is as fun as travelling in luxury and you will get to gain a lot of experience. You can stay at hostels or have the campaign where you will meet other travelers. You will choose to pay for the attraction that is value for your money. You will learn to manage your money.

  1. You will be more open-minded

When you grow, you become comfortable in your usually routine that you find it hard to break it.  When you are young, you can easily get used to new places and new cultures. You will be more open-minded to new food, living in different cities and experiencing the new culture. You will learn new languages. You will feel more carefree.

  1. You will make life-long friends

When you travel, you make new friends with whom you share a common interest of travelling. These new friends can introduce to new places, people and teach you things about world and yourself. You will get to meet people of your age and will give you some everlasting memories.


  1. You will gain life experience

If you get out and travel, you step out of your comfort zone. Travelling will make you a well-rounded person because you will end up doing things that might be uncomfortable and scary at first. You will learn about various cultures while sticking to your budget. You will come out as a stronger, smarter individual with lots of valuable skills.

  1. It will boost your resume

When you travel for long-term, you get to learn the new language because you will have to work it every day which will make you more fluent with it. Having an additional language is great for your resume. Employers want people who are more open-minded and creative. Employers may even want people with international experience. So, your travelling will boost your resume.

  1. You feel more independent

When you are young, you do not have many responsibilities, you have freedom to make choices and you are not tied down as compared to adults. You know what you want to do, but you are not tied down to a specific career path. You are more independent when you travel at the young age.


  1. You will be bold

Travelling will put you under situations that you might not have imagined before. You will be out of your comfort zone. You will discover a new side of yourself. You might acknowledge your brave side. When you are young, it is easy to find the courage to do the things that earlier used to scare you. You will have various stories to share.

  1. You get student discount

When you are on the student budget, it takes a lot of planning to book a trip. But there are travel companies who offer the student discount. But you can only take advantage of these when you are young. You will find these discounts anywhere, from airlines to hotels to museums. Find out offers and discounts to save money.

  1. You will be more confident

Travelling puts you through various situations and once you overcome them, you feel more confident about yourself. You have the opportunity to learn even if things go wrong. You will realize your strengths and learn that every problem has some solution to it.


  1. You will learn about history and culture

When you travel, you learn about history, language, and culture. Reading a history book might be boring, but when you travel, you visit museum and memorials and you will never forget about this experience.

  1. It can change your views about the world

Traveling while you’re young can change your life.  It can change everything you thought you knew about other countries and your own. It will break down stereotypes and misconceptions. It will show you that we’re all connected and that human beings are more similar than different. You’ll learn things about yourself and the world that you simply can’t get from reading a book or watching a documentary.


Source –  Tumblr

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