20 Things To Love About Being A Woman!

By- Shreya Sharma

Every woman is special and beautiful. We are perfect the way we are. We are confident and awesome, but sometimes we are forced with judgments, opinions, and criticism in order to steal the charm and confidence we own. Do not let the world put you down, show the world who you are and you are not that weak to be tamed and bowed down with baseless criticism. Every day, love yourself for one thing and eventually you will find more things you can love about you and you will be a proud woman. Here are 20 things to love about being a woman.

  1. The way we listen to people

We might miss something when we are busy multitasking or not that interested in the conversation. But when we love, care and respect someone, we are willing to listen to them with an open heart and cater their needs.


  1. You know how to tame your ego

You know you have the ego, but you know there are a place and time to exercise it. You know how to check it.

  1. The art of multitasking

We can text, put make up, look for direction while being happy, confused and free. We know how to utilize time in the best manner.

  1. We have great communication skills

We always express our feelings either being aggressive and direct or being passive and silent.


  1. We own our feelings

We always express what we feel and own our emotions, even if sometimes we cannot deal with them.

  1. We can handle stress

We do not usually zone out when in stress. We have better stress tolerance because we got to handle so many things together without losing our calm.

  1. So many hairstyle options

We can go from straight hair to beachy waves to ponytail to bun to colored streaks to so many other styles. Even guys are adopting our styles now.


  1. We can save money

Oh, the magic of our smile and flirting can sometimes help us save money. Because hey, we can get that free beer! Plus we are born with the skills of saving yet splurging.

  1. The smooth shaved legs

You know how smoothly shaved legs feel; SUPER SOFT.

  1. Our body is awesome

We are beautiful the way we are made. Our body is flexible and capable of creating, keeping, producing and nurturing a baby.


  1. Boobs

People go insane at the sight of breasts. Especially you know how men are so fond of boobs.

  1. Girl talk

The feeling you have when you talk about each and everything, however weird that may be.

  1. So many clothing options

You can have jeans, t-shirts, shirts, jackets, skirts, shorts and so many other options in your wardrobe. You have an amazing wardrobe and you know you can rock any look.


  1. We can go weird in private

We can dance naked, play with ourselves, sing to our dog, and share our stories with our pet or anything and everything.

  1. We are emotional

We can relate ourselves with anyone emotions. We can understand what a person must be feeling because we empathize with them.

  1. Girl gang

Having girl’s gang is the blessing. You can never feel the same as with your girls. You can gossip, shop without feeling bored.


  1. We are confident

You are beautiful, wonderful, and intelligent so you should be confident.

  1. We give better gifts

We are tasteful and thoughtful while giving gifts.

  1. We can wear makeup

We are beautiful, but if we want we can enhance our appearance.

  1. Multiple orgasm

This is a winning situation.


Source –  Tumblr

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