17 Brutal Truths About Modern Dating Makes You Feel Amazing If You’re Single!

By- Shreya Sharma

In today’s time, it is cool to be single rather than being a relationship. You should feel happy to be single because the relationships nowadays are just a mirror image of romantic relationships. They are not actually what true romantic relationship used to be in the time that we call past. Modern dating has more become a show of a relationship. The modern relationship has come up with so many new terms and phrases that it has become hard to understand what really a relationship is. Here are 17 brutal truths about modern dating that makes you feel amazing if you are single.

  1. Commitment phobia

Earlier people wanted “commitment”, but now people want a “label-free” relationship as it gives you all kind of freedom. It is like you are in a relationship, but you are not in a relationship, so you are free from that cheating problem.


  1. When you do not care, you have more power

The person in the relationship who cares less than the other has more power in the relationship.

  1. Replying immediately is a sin

You have never ending games to play. You are constantly thinking how to attract the other person and then you decide to stop replying to his texts immediately so that you leave him thinking if you like him or not.

  1. Talking on phone is torture

You have nothing to talk over the phone, plus texting is easier and cheaper. You have a lot to say on texts than talking on phone or face-to-face. You only have late night calls in the beginning of a new relationship which probably means the end of another relationship.


  1. You take a ‘break’ from your relationship

There is a new phase in your relationship which is called ‘break’ even if it pisses off the other person. But having a break in your relationship is cool nowadays.

  1. You break up every other day

‘Breaking up’ has become a new game where you break up every other day for every other reason. And then you do not realize when it is time to break up.

  1. Social commitments are crucial

Whenever you ask your partner to a movie or dinner date, you will always get a “Will let you know” reply because they have never-ending social commitments.


  1. Try to play it cool

When you are more interested in a person, you act carefree like you have no interest in that person at all. And this cool act leaves you wondering why this is the person is so disinterested which may actually attract you towards that person.

  1. You either date for too long or for few days

You are either in a relationship for too long or for a few days. And there are chances that even those too long relationships will not work after some years. You do not know if the term ‘love’ exists.

  1. You have to rely on text responses

You have to wait for the person to reply back to your texts which are one big mistake because they are either trying hard not to reply or are busy maintaining their cool act.


  1. You do not want to reveal your true self to them

You feel scared that displaying your true self to them will push them away, but you forget that a lie can never be a base of the good relationship. You need to be genuine in a relationship which you are not.

  1. Social media flirting is cool

Flirting on social media is not ‘cheating’ for people. You somehow accept that it is not cheating, and fighting over it is like wasting your energies.

  1. Getting over each other is easy

Mostly breakups happen when one of you has stopped feeling anything because they are bored by then.


  1. Some move on easily, while others are left shattered

It has become so easy for people to walk in and out of the relationship. While it is easy for one person to move on, the other person is left shattered and crying.  This is how people balance their relationship now.

  1. Thin line between romantic and creepy

When the other person is hopelessly romantic at heart, this when you have to decide if you want to be with them or not. If you find their overly romantic gestures creepy, you will prefer to end the relationship.

  1. New style of breaking up

Break ups happen on the phone now, respecting the relationship and each other are things of the past. It’s not mandatory to express your feelings face-to-face because somehow, no one deserves that anymore.

  1. Chilling and hangout sessions lead to one thing

You are too fast in moving your relationship forward or taking it to the next step nowadays. And when you plan to meet alone, you end up hooking up.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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