6 Things you should notice in a man before dating

We all need a companion who can understand us and stick with us through thick and thins. Someone we can confide in and find the peace of our heart. There is no such definition to the term “perfect man” but there a few things we can notice in a man before dating.

  1. Friendship

We all know that epic dialogue from kuch kuch hota hai “PYAR DOSTI HAI, AGAR WO MERI ACHI DOST NHI TOH MAI USSE PYAR KAR HI NHI SKTA.” This fact applies to man as well. If he is not a good friend or is not good in keeping friendship, girls take a not he is not worth dating.


  1. His equation with his family

If a guy does not share a sound equation with his family or every now and then has major tiffs with his parents, he is not the one. Coz, who knows when your dating turns into future planning for you.

  1. His equation with you

If he is too restrictive, possessive, nagging and adjectives like these, you must not think of giving a yes-nod to dating. His equation with you matters to take it to next level. He needs to be caring and loving towards you. If he is head over heels for you, go for it.

  1. His equation with others

How he treats those who are not his family or friends matter a lot. His gestures and actions towards the waiter or auto-wala or vendors says a lot about his personality. You will not want to be with someone who ill-treats a waiter, put you in utter shame.

  1. Loyalty

It is a must have ladies. Until and unless, you are not sure of his loyalty, you cannot trust him. And trust is one big factor in a relationship.

  1. His general nature

If you think you can bear his aggressive or humorous or introvert or flirt nature, only then you go girl for dating. If it pisses you off even for a minute. Do not go for dating game because we know we become crankier in a relationship.


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