10 Signs You Are Not Ready To Get Married!

By- Shreya Sharma

You might be under pressure from your family, Chachi, chacha, aunty, dur wali massi to get married, but do not give your nod until and unless you are sure that you are ready to get married. Your friends might be married and may even have kids, but not everyone is ready to walk down the aisle at the same time. People might ask you to take your dating game to next step, but do not fall for the trap until you want it. Here are 10 signs you are not ready to get married.

  1. You are concerned about wedding rather than marriage

If you know more about the decoration at the upcoming wedding than about your partner in any manner, then marriage is not for you.


  1. You do not trust him yet

Trust is the basic foundation of any relationship and if you cannot trust the man you are with, your relationship will be in trouble.

  1. Your relationship is not that old

Planning to get married just after you start dating will not yield you the positive result. You must date the guy for at least three-to-four years to know and settle down things. Dating for too long can also be negative.

  1. You have different values

If you have different values and even then you are heading for marriage, then it is settling and nothing more than that. Your values, personality, and beliefs are important in any relationship because it sets a ground for communication and conflict. Having same values makes it easy for you to exchange your ideas and works.


  1. You do not want to compromise

You cannot have a successful relationship unless you both are ready to make sacrifices. During tough times, we can either become selfish or selfless. You need to become selfless to get your relationship going.

  1. There is a lot of pressure

You should agree to marry on your free will and not under some pressure or threats. If your man is pressurizing you to get married, reevaluate your relationship.

  1. You are not sexually attracted towards him

He can be the best guy in the world and can be the best husband, but if you are not sexually attracted towards him, your relationship will not work.


  1. You are dealing with addiction or mental issues

For a healthy relationship, you need a healthy mind. if one of you is dealing with mental health issues or any kind of addiction, it is better not to give the nod.

  1. You are investing more than you can afford

When you get married, it is not just you and your partner who are being together, your families and friend circle too unite together. If being together means giving up on your family or friends, this is not at all a viable cost; because if you fall apart you will be left with nothing, neither socially nor emotionally.

  1. Your mind wanders

If your mind wanders and you think that someone better can be around the corner, then marriage is not for you. When you plan to get married, you should feel that the person with you is the best for you and you cannot imagine your life without them.


Source –  Tumblr

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