5 Ways how internet is ruining your love life!

Internet is the major reason of connectivity. It has connected us with our long lost friends, with people who are countries apart. Though it connects the two people struck by the arrow of cupid. It makes easy for them to stay connected and share their hearts’ content. But it also ruins their relationship.

  1. Internet allows stalking

We can stalk our partner without any guilt. We feel it to be our moral right which in some case leads to fights. Imagine a situation where you dropped in a text to your partner on WhatsApp where he is shown to be offline and you caught him online on Facebook. Or where you dropped him a message on WhatsApp and he did not reply even after being online. At times we even ask our partner for their passwords to their accounts leading to a huge showdown or just a beginning of showdown.

  1. Never ending notifications

Imagine a situation where you are with the love of your life, talking about life, future, family, love and his phone is constantly beeping either because of his Facebook notifications or WhatsApp messages or any random mails disturbing the entire mood and ambience and you finally giving up on the idea of discussion and asking him to entertain his phone first.

  1. Misguiding articles on love life

We tend to read articles on love life and start comparing our life with those. If any of the symptoms do not match, we start questioning our relationship about its purity and sanctity. These articles misguide a relationship and builds a space for doubt.

  1. Friends of friend post

Suppose a friend of your boyfriend posts some fun picture of them together clicked just for the sake of fun and you are oblivion of this fact. You will go red and blue because of that picture and start questioning your boyfriend. Or vice-a-versa, your boyfriend too will not like your closeness with your male friend in any picture. It does make us jealous.

  1. Being internet savvy

We have turned so freaking crazy over internet that even if we are on a date or just sitting with our partner in our house, we are stuck with our phones using internet to connect with those who are not nearby or searching stupidest of things; resulting in growing distance between you and your partner.

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