7 Ways on how to make your hair less oily

We all at times feel that we have some hidden oil factory in our head that makes our scalp and hair too oily. The oil that is produced within our hair is the best nourishment our hair can get. But then we all want that flawlessly awesome hair that Deepika Padukone or Alia bhatt have. We do not want that chip-chip in our hair that makes our hair look so bad that we ourselves do not want to flaunt our hair. We wash our head every alternate day to get rid of that chip-chip. We have some tricks that can help your hair and scalp look less oily.

  1. Use vinegar to remove oil

Vinegar has astringent properties which closes the oil glands. Do not directly apply vinegar to hair as its acidic properties can burn your skin. Mix 2 tablespoon of vinegar with 1 cup of water and massage the mixture into your scalp to remove oil and dirt.

  1. Mixture of Aloe Vera and lemon

Mix 1 tablespoon of fresh aloe vera with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice with your shampoo and then use it in. After applying leave shampoo in your hair for 3 to 5 min. so that it soaks in.

  1. Use dry shampoo/powder

Dry shampoo prevents your hair from looking oily and greasy. It bonds with the oil. Use your finger to spread dry shampoo powder along your scalp and shake out excess of it. You can also use baby powder, talc and cornstarch to get rid of oily hair quickly.

  1. Avoid hair products

Try and stay away from mouse, gel or any other hair product. They trap the oil around your scalp making your hair look more oily and greasy. Too much of hot showers, blow dryers, hair straightening etc. produce more oil on your scalp. Hot water promotes oil production.

  1. Do not shampoo too often

Shampoos are designed to remove oil and dirt from your hair. Some suggest shampooing your head daily while others suggest not shampoo too often. Pick the right shampoo with term “clarifying” or “oil reducing”. Shampoo does remove oil from our hair but it also makes our body produce more of oil. Try shampooing on alternate days.

  1. Watch your brushing pattern

Excessive brushing on your hair produces oil on your scalp. Brushing spreads the natural oils evenly on your hair that is good for your hair. You should adopt a practice of brushing your hair not more than twice a day.

  1. Avoid touching your hair too often

Your hands and face too secrete oil, thus running your finger through your hair deposits the oil on your hair. Avoiding this habit can keep your hair from oiling throughout the day.

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