15 So-Called Friends That You Should Get Rid Of From Your Life!

By- Shreya Sharma

Good friends are like assets. They protect you, support you and stand by your side during thick and thin. They are always there when you need someone for shop hop, to cry on someone’s shoulder, to get a little naughty or to do little favors. But there could be some toxic, so-called friend in your group who are better off away from you. They just bring in trouble, put you down and make you feel unwanted. They are the ones to be just thrown out of your life. Here are 15 so-called friends that you should get rid of from your life.

  1. The needy one

They are the ones who cannot do anything on your own and always need your advice on everything like what to reply to your crush, what to eat, what to wear and every other thing.


  1. The backstabber

They will be good at your face but somehow you know how they have been talking about you behind your back. Remove them from your life because they are doing no good to you except for hampering your reputation by poking fun at you.

  1. The plus one

They are the ones who never ever hang out with your circle without their bae. They call their partner to every get together and seems like they just cannot step out without their partner. Get rid of them as they will anytime dump you for their SO.

  1. The negative one

They are the ones who only look at the cons of a situation. The moment you bring up something exciting and great, they remind you of the things that you should be worried about. They are constantly complaining or worrying about one situation or other. If you want to be surrounded by positive vibes, you better dump them.


  1. The one who keeps on changing friends

Today you will find them to be your best friend and the other day you will find them to be with the girl they hated the most. They are always between friends and they will dump you the moment you get on their bad side.

  1. The friend who is trying to sleep with you

They are not your friend actually. They are just waiting for your breakup or for you to get drunk so that they can sleep with you. They will flirt with you and ask you question about you two in certain situation.

  1. The one with financial issues

You both may or may not be on the same page financially but you will always hear them ask you to invest in something with them and if you decline saying you have financial issues, they make faces.

help me, poor

  1. The superficial ones

They are the ones who will be with you only if you look good. They will ask you to change if you prefer to step out in your sweats. All they want is an audience to appreciate them and they are not there in your life for long stay.

  1. The one you are in love with

You are hopelessly in love with them and you remain friends with them because of your love. They either do not know about it or do not feel the same. Staying friends with them means you will either listen to their romantic love adventures with their partner or you will time to time get a reminder that they treat you as a friend only.

  1. The one who gives bad advices

They give you the worst of advices. They might make you breakup with your bae or may make you believe that your partner is cheating on you. They do not have the best of interest for you and they should be your friend.

oh no

  1. The single friend who dumps you when into relationship

They are the ones who hang out with you only when they are single else you never hear from them or they are never available.

  1. The user

They only uses you to get their work done like to drive you home, to buy you drinks etc. They will be out with you only when you can benefit them. They are just selfish and greedy.

  1. The one who is always unavailable

They are the ones who make plans according to their will. Whenever you try to make a plan, they are always busy. They just want to be on your friend list without doing nay friend like activity.


  1. The one who makes excuses

They are the flaky ones who always make the plans and cancel them up at the last minute. They always come up with excuses.

  1. The self-esteem destroyer

Real friends will love you for who you are, but bad friends will mark a dent on your self-esteem in order to protect their own fragile self-worth. Whether it’s fat shaming or pointing out all your flaws on a regular basis, this friend needs a kick to the curb.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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