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17 Things That Feel WAY Better Than Sex.. Yes You Heard It Right!

By- Shreya Sharma

Having no sex is still better than having bad sex and making a bad impression about sex. A less satisfying experience between sheets is just waste of time and energy. Why put your time and energy into things that do not bring you fun and satisfaction? It is better to do things that are more enjoyable than mediocre sex. Here are 17 things that feel way better than sex.

  1. First kiss

The butterflies you get when you like someone and are about to execute your love and feelings through kiss can never be duplicated. And you know how this kiss can lead to many things.


  1. Salary hike or promotion

Achieving your goals makes you feel excited and positive. It is amazing when your boss recognizes you for your hard work, especially in this male-dominated society.

  1. Workout

Having a kickass workout makes you feel confident and accomplished. That rush makes you feel focused and satisfied.

  1. Falling in love

The feeling you get when you meet someone who understands you and you start falling in love with them is something hard to explain.


  1. Fitting into skinny jeans

Because your intense workout has to lead you to this awesome feeling.

  1. A bubble bath

When you cannot get time for yourself, then a warm bubble bath is enough to make you feel relaxed.

  1. Massage

Sometimes, we are stressed enough to just want to lie down and let other people do the work. We do not have to touch them or make eye contact. It is super relaxing.


  1. Quality sheets

The feel of smooth shaved legs against the cotton sheet is orgasmic. You do not need man, hands or vibrators to feel this pleasure.

  1. Text you have been waiting for

When you are waiting for a text or mail and it finally comes, it is one blissful feeling.

  1. Sleeping

When you have a working week and then one day you do not have to wake up to the alarm buzzing near your ear, this is one satisfying feeling. Spending your weekend in bed is satisfying.


  1. Greasy food in hangover

When you are in the hangover, all you want is food to eat.

  1. Favorite song on radio

When your favorite song plays on the radio and you start singing loud and dancing. It is like hitting a jackpot.

  1. Champagne

Alcohol releases a bunch of feel good hormones in your body just like sex.


  1. Bargaining

This is like extreme happiness when you find out that the stuff you have on your wishlist is on sale now. Or when you get to bargain and buy things at half rate.

  1. Running into your ex when you are looking hot

Does it not feel great when you fit into your skinny jeans and look drop dead hot and you accidentally run into your ex, making him feel like a loser.

  1. Puppies

They are cute, caring and their cuddling game is strong

  1. Masturbating

Self-pleasure is like you are enough for yourself.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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