10 Polite Ways You Can Turn Down A Guy Or Reject Him!

By- Shreya Sharma

Rejecting a guy can never be easy because each guy is different and holds different feelings for you. Some may be just a flirt type while some may actually hold some strong, true, genuine feelings for you. Your circumstances may be different but rejecting a guy is never that easy. If you do not like a guy and he is still being persistent about his offer, that is when you are worried as to how to say NO. Here are 10 polite ways you can turn down a guy or reject him!

1. Tell him you want him as a friend

If you do not wish to lose a guy and yet cannot accept his proposal, tell him that you want him as a friend instead. This way you have time to think about your equation and can even make your mind and change your decision in long run.


2. Go from gentle to firm

If a guy, you have once rejected is still asking you out, it is time for you to be firm about your decision and tell him straight that you cannot feel back for him. Some guys may ask you a reason for that, make your rejection clear and tell him how his behavior is irritating you now.

3. Ignore him

Cut him off your life and ignore him. Walk past him but do not make eye contact. If he confronts you, do not be rude to him because it will make him pursue you more. Be nice and warm if he confronts and ignore for the rest. If he is being adamant then talking with him like talking with a kid and make him explain that you can only be friends with him if he agrees to.

4. Avoid him

His persistence may annoy you, so it is better you avoid him and make it quite obvious. If he asks you about it, tell him straight that you tried to explain him, but that did not work for him.


5. Cut off your social chords

Call him and tell him that you cannot stand him anymore and you can only be friends with him. Tell him that you are going to plug off all your chords from social networking and you will not be answering his calls any more. Be firm and tell him that you can only be friends with him and you will continue talking with him, the day he accepts you as his friend.

6. Play hot and cold

If your firm behavior is of no help, be rude but in a hot and cold manner because sure you will not wish to bring the psycho boy in him. Shout at him; tell him you hate him and then soften up saying that you did not wish to yell at him but he makes you feel helpless. Yelling all over can make him vengeful, so maintain a balance between hot and cold so that he feels guilt about his actions.

7. Do not speak to him alone

If you have a conversation with him alone, it will make him build castles in his mind because he will take it as a preferential behavior over other guys. So do not give him signals that he could take positively. Avoid him. If he asks you to speak with him alone, do not give him a chance and tell him straight that you will talk with him the day he will stop hitting on you.


8. Tell him the truth

If you are not then you are not, there is no other way around. So if a guy asks you out, tell him straight that you are not interested in him. Do not be rude at first but if he is being persistent and annoying then you can use the other ways. You do not owe an explanation to every guy who falls in love with you about why you are not interested.

9. Tell him you do not like him

If he is being persistent and is asking you again and again, tell him that he is annoying you and you have started disliking him and the more he will ask you and continue with this behavior that more you will end up hating him.

10. Pretend to be saddened

If the guy is kind and nice but still persistent, have words with him. Show and tell him that his persistence is upsetting you. If he is a nice guy, your sensitive side will make him back away even if he is willing to ask you out again.

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