7 Mistakes You Might Be Making While Shaving Down There!

By- Shreya Sharma

Having hair or going bare down there is completely a person’s personal choice. There is no wrong or right way to it. If you opt for shaving or trimming down there over waxing, you got be really careful because doing it yourself can be like repeating the same mistake unknowingly. You might opt for it because it is personal and you need not to go to awkwardness in front of your professionals or for any reason but you need to be very careful working over there because the skin is too sensitive and you can end up getting skin irritation, bumps or any other problem. Here are 7 mistakes you might be making while shaving down there that you should avoid.

1. Using shower gel and old razor

Using old razor may end up giving you razor burns and will be harsh on your skin because of its inefficiency. Use shaving cream that is rich in moisturizers and lacks fragrance and then leave it for a few minutes over there to soften the hair. Use a fresh razor with cushions to get your job done.


2. Dry shaving

This is the situation when at the last minute you feel “Oh shit, I need to shave”. So just to get it done, you do a quick business and that is dry shaving. You just use the razor and quickly get done with it. You must at first cover the area with a hot washcloth for few minutes to soften the hair and prepare your skin for razor and to avoid red bumps.

3. Shaving as you step into the shower

You might be in a rush and this decided to do your work in the shower only which can actually leave you with razor burns. Do not shave your hair down in the shower. Give your hair a chance to properly soften which will lower your risk of irritation. Exfoliate the area to get an even closer shave.


4. Using regular lotion on just shaved skin

Your body lotion may have fragrances that can irritate your freshly shaven skin. Buy the products that are specifically designed for your vaginal area. You can also use mild moisturizer that contains Aloe Vera or coconut oil to prevent your skin.

5. Fearing wax

You might be an ardent fan of shaving but having a trusted waxer can help you a lot. Your waxer will get the job done more neatly and carefully, even more than you. Visit your professional at least once in a month.

6. Not trimming

Always trim your hair if you have not groomed yourself down there since long. A small scissor will help you a lot to trim the hair that are longer than ¼ inch so that you can shave down there easily without hurting yourself.


7. Wearing wrong underwear

Once you are done with grooming down there, do not opt for your lacy thongs. Choose soft cotton underwear that does not have tight elastic bands around your leg. It will help your skin breath and prevent ingrown hair.

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