15 Things To Never Lie To Your Partner About!

By- Shreya Sharma

Honesty and truth are the basis of any relationship. If you feel the need to lie to your man then why to date them? Be with the man you can be open and honest with. Being honest is the best way to make your relationship last long. Imagine if your man hides things from you and lies to you, how would you feel? Sure not a positive feeling, the same way he will not like knowing that you lied to him. Here are 15 things to never lie to your partner about.

  1. Your exes

Tell him about how man men you have dated before him and also tell him a little about them so that he knows a little about your past.


  1. The people you hang out with

If your boyfriend is not happy with certain people you hang out with, then you should try not to hang out with them.

  1. The place you are going to

Why hide where you are going, it is like lying about who you are.

  1. Your job

He will not judge you on the basis of where you work and how much you earn. Tell him the truth about your job.


  1. Your feelings

If you do not love him, do not lie to him. Be open about your feelings so that you do not end up hurting him.

  1. Your age

He will not call things off he gets to know your real age. You can tell him about your age without any worries.

  1. Acting fine

Do not act like you are fine if you are not. If he did something that upset you, then tell him.


  1. Your childhood

We all have embarrassing childhood stories. Trust him to tell him if you had the rough life.

  1. Your future plans

If you do not like kids, do not act like you want to become the mother. He will eventually find out.

  1. Your health issues

If you have some severe disease or STD, he deserves to know about it.


  1. Your hobbies

Be proud of the art and talent you have. Show off your writing skills instead of hiding.

  1. Your expectations from him

Be honest about your intentions. If you want a serious relationship then tell him.

  1. Your finances

If you cannot afford going out every weekend or cannot afford to buy expensive things, then tell him. He will not mind staying in with you.


  1. About your virginity

If you are the virgin, do not pretend that you have slept with many people and vice versa.

  1. Sexual fantasies

Tell him straight about your fantasies in the bedroom, he might just help them become a reality.


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