7 Reasons You Should Always Call Your Mom!

Our mother is a blessing of god; she has been there for you through everything, child birth, your first word, first day of school, your “brace-face” stage, your first heart break, becoming a teenager and sending you away from home, so that you can become your own individual. She will be always there with you and you too need her in every phase of your life. Though we do not need a reason to call our mom, yet we give you certain reasons to call her.

  1. When you are depressed

She truly knows how to comfort you. If you are surrounded by all the negative thoughts, the best way to escape them is hid in your mother’s lap. She is the best medicine you can have.

  1. When you are facing health issues

When you are too low on health issues that nothing can pick you up, it is your mother who has the strength to get you back into shape. Even a mere hug from her can do wonders to make you fit and fine and not to forget her ever ready home remedies.

  1. When you face problems

She has a solution for everything. You name a problem and she will find a solution to it. Be it personal, professional, study related, friend related or any other problem, she will not let you down and will help you face it together.

  1. She is your number one fan

Nobody loves you to the extent your mom loves you. She has always been there cheering you on whether it was for the dance performance, any contest or graduation ceremony. No matter how good or bad, she has and always will be cheering you. You are “aankho ka taara.”

  1. She has never left your side

After the endless amount of horrible and painful mistakes you have made in your life, she still continues to love you endlessly. She is like your bestfriend who knows all about you and still stick by your side.

  1. She is not judgmental

She won’t judge you. She may not agree with half of the things you do or say but she will never judge you. She is your best critic and tells you about your mistakes with utmost love and care.

  1. You are way too much alike

Most girls pick up the same qualities as their moms considering she shares your genes. You can easily relate to a lot of things, especially as you get older. You might have same habits, looks and advising habit.

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