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10 Things Women In Their 20s Should Say Goodbye To!

By- Shreya Sharma

Your twenties is probably a fun and thrilling ride with so many ups and downs. As a teenager we all were super excited to get into our 20s and then when we get into it, we realize that we have to actually say goodbye to few of some of things. We feel this age to be the age of freedom and of chasing our dreams. Here are 10 things women in their 20s should say goodbye to.

1. The need to explain your decisions

Now you are capable of thinking about the consequences of your decisions and can take responsibility of your actions. You need not to explain your decisions to anyone unless it is someone real important.


2. Toxic people and destructive relationships

Now you know what you want in your life and what are your dreams and passions. You need a social network that is willing to support you and encourage you in chasing your dreams. And last thing you want is to be surrounded by negative people in your life.

3. To drama

You know drama does not get you anywhere near your life goals. So drop the drama, be it in your relationship or friendship and act like a grown up.


4. To pretension

Now you know that there will be people who will laugh at you and embrace you for who you are. Drop the pretense and be your real self because you are one unique soul.

5. To people pleasing

Be yourself and rock the way you want to. Do not be too cared about how people will react or will they praise you or not. Their opinion will not determine your life.


6. To the idea that your career determine your worth

Pursue your dream. Do what you love and what makes you happy and contented. That is all you need.

7. To being careless about your body

Love and care your body. Exercise and be active while working in a busy schedule. Eat healthy to have a healthy future self.


8. The need to be in a relationship to be happy

Looking for boyfriend to be happy is not the ultimate happiness. You can only be happy when you want to be happy. Your happiness does not depend on someone else but on one person only and that is you.

9. Your education shows your worth

Just because you did not complete your education to the standard as set by society, does not mean that you will have no future. Your achievement in life does not depend on your qualification only. Your talent, hard work and perspective also play an important role.


10. To comparing yourself to others

Comparing yourself with others is a total time waster. You are unique. Their lives will never be yours and you will never understand their struggles without stepping into their shoe. So instead of comparing your life, try to improve your life.

Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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