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14 Reasons Hot And Passionate Relationship Rarely Work Out!

By- Shreya Sharma

You meet a guy and feel like he is the one your heart and body was waiting for since forever. You spend time together and in one week you feel all the love, passion and warmth with them. You spend nights together doing the stuff you never thought you will ever be doing. Your wild side will be on display and you will be all in the craving of your loved one, but is it really great for a long term relationship? Here are 14 reasons hot and passionate relationship rarely work out.

  1. Too much of importance to the rare connection

You meet the guy, felt connected and refreshed, planned the next date and it is all because of the passion and lust you feel for them. We, unfortunately, put so much value on the rare connection of the relationship, which is not a great thing.


  1. You are on a high initially

You are in an instant high of the person and the idea of being with them. You plan your vacations and future with them when you hardly know them enough. You are high with the emotion of lust and passion. And when you start with high, there is nothing to look forward and things fall apart once the real life set.

  1. You are wasted in it

This sort of relationship takes over your life, time, thoughts and priorities. You put rest of the world at the halt because you are so engrossed with the idea of having him. You lose yourself, your hobbies and sometimes even friends.

  1. It is like being high on dope

When you are in love, the chemicals released can make you addicted to your partner. You are in same high as being on drug and face your honeymoon period even without knowing the person intensely. You are so addicted to them, that it is impossible for you to quit the relationship even when you know you should.


  1. Reality sucks

When you are high with another person, their reality is still unknown, but eventually, it will come out. And once you know their true personality, lifestyle, and traits, you can sense the lack of compatibility between you two. You will be in utter confusion to choose between chemistry and compatibility.

  1. The lack of connection trauma

For a long term relationship, compatibility is important. It is important to be able to connect with one another on the not just physical level. You need to have a strong emotional connection, someone with whom your wavelength matches because you will not always stay in the ‘I want to rip your clothes off’ stage.

  1. No relationship goals

When you are in a lust filled, passionate relationship, your rationality goes on the toss. You will forget about what you want from the relationship and you will compromise on your values and wants. You are investing your time in a wrong relationship.


  1. Ignoring red flags

You are in high of this person that you ignore all the doubts popping in your head. It is impossible for you to look out for the flaws in the other person that can be a major warning sign for you. You ignore and balance out the bad because of your high.

  1. High on emotions

In such relationship, arguments are so high on emotion that you find a sense of anxiety and irrationality. They can make you like a nervous-maniac. You can see a behavior that you never knew you had and you will be never proud of it.

  1. You become crazy

You are more jealous even when the other person has given you no reason to be insecure. You feel they might be doing the deeds with someone else, or flirting with someone else, and the fact that it is rare makes you even more jealous. And this might make you do things that you would not have done otherwise.


  1. Lack of unconditional love

Once you are in the honeymoon stage, you will feel the unconditional love for them. You love and respect them without any condition. Once you are over the honeymoon stage, you notice their gross habits and shortcomings, and if these feelings over power you, you will not be in a healthy relationship.

  1. You feel you will not find it again

You will this love and passion is rare, and you will never be able to find the same with someone else. You are always terrified of losing the one you love and this leads to anxiety. It can make you needy and desperate.

  1. Relationship experts are against it

They say that it compensates other voids in the relationships, drawing attention away from the problems, or things that will eventually become problems after the honeymoon stage ends. They also acknowledge that they can lead to extreme highs and lows, often with emotion-filled blowouts.

  1. Breakups are hard

In the passionate relationship, breakups are worst because you cry every now and then. You turn into a social media stalker, re-read the texts, listen to a heartbreaking song and wonder if you will ever find the same connection. And the next few dates feel worse because you cannot find the same connection with them.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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