13 Sweet And Intimate Gestures To Show How Much You Care For Him!

By- Shreya Sharma

Your man will not come to you and ask you to make him feel special but he too wants to feel special. He does not want any elaborate plans or gifts to make him feel loved; all he wants is some sweet and intimate gestures to feel your love and care for him. Here are 13 sweet and intimate gestures to show how much you care for him.

  1. Stare at him

Stare at him without any shame and when other things are going around you both. He will blush and enjoy it a lot.

look at you

  1. Hold his hand when he is nervous

Hold his hand and squeeze a little bit when he is nervous to show that you are by his side. He will love the fact that you support him and believe in him.

  1. Remember his favorite ice cream

Bring his favorite ice cream for him out of nowhere for no reason. He will love this ice cream surprise.

  1. Snuggle up

Snuggle up when he is cold. It will not make much of a difference and you will just feel warm, but he will love you for this.

rub nose

  1. Kiss him when he acts stupid

Guys sometimes say or do some stupid things once in a while. So instead of making fun of him, kiss him. He will love it because it shows that you love him even for his silly behavior.

  1. Make his birthday grand

He will not tell you, but he too wishes to have a grand birthday party. Embarrass him with a silly birthday party. Have balloons and everything he wants and he will love your gesture.

  1. Pamper him like kid

When he is down, he wants you to come to him. Go to him and pamper him like a kid. You can even prepare soup for him and feel him on your own.

game adi shradha

  1. Cheesy lines

Call him silly and weird names because you love him. Call him anything like ‘jaan’ ‘jaanu’ ‘bacha’ ‘janeman’ or whatever.

  1. Wakeup texts

When he sleeps early due to tiring day or when he is feeling low, send him a long heartfelt message that will encourage him when he will wake up. He will feel good about himself and love your confidence in him.

  1. Ask him on a date

Even if you are in a relationship, going on date should never fade away. Show him that you are still into him.

date in rain

  1. Play with his hair

Run your fingers through his hair when he is in a lazy mood and you both are just sitting together, with no plans of going out.

  1. Remind him of your love

In as many ways possible, remind him every day that you love him.

  1. Show your protective side

If is going to rain, call him and ask him to carry an umbrella. If he is sick, call him to ask if he had his medicines. If he is going somewhere, text him to ask if he reached. He will like that you care for him this way.

smile adi

Source – GiphyTumblr

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