12 Ways You Can Show Your Boobs Some More Love!

By- Shreya Sharma

Our boobs are important. They make us feel more lady-like, they are a turn on for man, plus they help us feed the new life we bring into this world. You should try your best to take care of your breasts. Show your boobs some love because they are worth that love. Here are 12 ways you can show your boobs some more love.

  1. Know your bra size

Many of us wear wrong size bra; either too big or too small. Get your breasts sized, so that you wear things that fit them the right way.


  1. Buy lingerie for your girls

Lingerie can make you feel powerful, even if you are single. If you have never loved your boobs before, you will start loving them in your awesome lingerie.

  1. A lump check

You should check your breasts for lump every month to know if there are signs of cancer. Feel your breasts either in circles starting at the nipple or in rows and columns, both standing up and lying down. Do this test after the end of the period, when your boobs are less likely to be tender.

  1. Get a Mammogram

If you are over 40, or have risk of developing breast cancer, checking for lump is not enough. It is better to visit your doctor and get a mammogram to be on a safer side.


  1. More of exercise

The more you work out, the less will be the chances of developing breast cancer. Do some exercise; your boobs will be thankful.

  1. Tell your man how to touch them

Most women can have nipplegasm if your breasts are stimulated in a right manner. Teach your man the correct way to touch your breasts, so that you can have the benefits.

  1. Contour your boobs

If you have time, try contouring your boobs along with your face as it will give them a more defined look. To highlight your cleavage, brush a darker color between the breasts and swipe some highlighter along the collarbone.


  1. Buy a good sports bra

Your girls may hurt when you are trying to work out. Buy a sports bra if you are in a mood for work out. You will feel great when they will not bounce excessively.

  1. Signs of aging

Get yourself a firming breast mask or cream and you will love the effects. Prevent experiencing the effects of sagging skin and hyper-pigmentation and your boobs will look youthful.

  1. Quit smoking

Smoking is bad for your skin, lungs and it can increase your chances of breast cancer.


  1. Slip out of bra

Sometimes at night, it is better to let your soft and luxurious shirt be the only thing touching your boobs. You can wear a super soft comfortable shirt when you are alone.

  1. Eat more fiber

Fiber diets lower the risk of breast cancer. It also helps you maintain your weight as being over-weight or obese is associated with increased breast cancer risk after menopause.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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