10 Reasons Girls Suck At Keeping *Girl Code*!

Being a girl we talk about feminism, equality and other such associated terms but do we actually preach them? The answer at times is No because we are nowhere behind in putting a women down, abusing her and passing character certificate for her. Here are reasons girls suck at keeping girl code.

  1. They bitch about each other behind their back either to their boyfriend or someone else.


  1. They, due to many reasons do not provide a thorough outfit check to their girly best friend.


  1. They slut shame, body shame other women for their hair, weight, skin tone or the people they sleep with.


  1. Just to make themselves feel better, they dis-respect and put other women down on various issues.


  1. Not helping a drunk friend and putting them in trouble. If you are not too tipsy, make sure that the other one is safe.


  1. Not helping a girl in need. Being a girl you should make sure that you help a girl in need instead of thinking what people will say.


  1. Being selfish and not sharing the things with others and keeping the best things with own self.


  1. Helping a stalker stalk your friend or any other girl.


  1. If you ditch your girl best friend for a guy on a night out, knowing she will be left alone.


  1. Hitting on your girl best friend’s crush, ex or current boyfriend.


Source : tumblr, Giphy

Skadoosh Guys!

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