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13 Life-Changes Every 20 Something Girl Should Make In Her Life!

By- Shreya Sharma

Your twenties is no less than a roller coaster. It is rough yet learning experience. You grow, make decisions and develop. There are so many emotions involved. And then you start to age and slowly all your past issues subside and you feel like an adult. You have mixed feelings and you accept the changes of your life. Here are 13 life changes every 20 something girl should make in her life.

  1. Your body is a temple

You start to take care of your body. You add fruits and vegetables to your diet that you have not even heard of. You learn to cook them. You hit the gym and exercise because you like it and your body needs it.


  1. Cleaning becomes important

Earlier a broom and a paper were enough to clean your room. Now you have full-fledged cleaning supplies. You have cleaning products for everything in your living room and specifically favorite scent of those products.

  1. You have your standards set

Now you have busy life with limited time. Your standard for friends has shifted from ‘cool’ to ‘someone I know since long and I can have a deep meaningful conversation with’.

  1. You drink sophisticatedly

Earlier drinking alcohol was something that tasted okay, but now you have preferences and specific brands that are not even cheap. You drink alcohol to enjoy the taste of it.


  1. You cannot tolerate people who suck

Now, your relationship criterion is not on the basis of how person looks, but on the basis of how your date went and if it was better than the time you spend alone.

  1. You handle things

Now, you do not hold on to the fights and complaint about it with your friends. You prefer to have an adult conversation over the issue. You deal with the uncomfortableness of the conversation.

  1. You do not deal with shit

Now you are self-confident to walk away from the people you cannot deal with. You can accept if people do not like you or do not want to date you. You can straightaway pay a goodbye to them.


  1. You prefer quantity over quality

You prefer to spend your money on things of quality rather than paying for bunch of things that will not stay for longer. You spend equal amount of money but you prefer durable goods and this is a sign of being a grown-up.

  1. You need things to be in their proper place

You become organized and you have a place for everything. You have containers and boxes for everything and you know which thing is placed where.

  1. You accept that you cannot change everything

There would be things about life that you would like to change about yourself, but you cannot go changing your identity every now and then. Now you gently change the things you would like to change and accept the rest.


  1. You no more relate to teenage characters

Now you relate more to moms on TV shows and movie because they taught you the wonderful lessons and made you what you are now.

  1. You are an adult

Now, you own your choices, your body and your decisions. You take complete responsibility for your life, regardless of whether your life is a total mess or if it’s going incredibly well. You own that shit. And that is probably the most drastic change of all.

  1. You have self-respect

Now, there is a great boost in your self-respect that cannot be destroyed by small things. Now you are aware that shit days are a part of life. You are happy that you have things figured out.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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