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9 Reasons Why Girls Like BAD, Bad Boys!

By- Shreya Sharma

We have drawn boys into two categories, nice boys, and bad boys, and none of them is ideal. While some of us look for good guys, there are some who are happy with their bad guy. And sometimes those looking for a nice guy fall in love trap with a bad guy. It is all so confusing and especially frustrating for boys. Here are reasons why girls like bad boys.

  1. They have a sense of Confidence in them

Bad boys are so confident in their ways that it surpasses the confidence of good boys. But the fact is, even nice guys are confident; they just are not cocky about it.


  1. They are Indifferent

Bad boys have an attitude problem. Their indifference lures a girl. Girls love when they are indifferent about religion and politics but they also wear that “I do not care” attitude. But he needs to care about you.

  1. They are full of excitement

From the way, they dress up to the way the act to the motorcycle they drive, it is all so exciting. Plus you can do all crazy things with them without the fear of them judging you.

  1. It is a sense of Adventure with them

They are kind of adventurous, they are fearless and fun. They are always ready to experience new things and experiment new things.


  1. They are a challenge

They are somewhat a challenge to deal with and understand. You have to put in your efforts to have him pay his attention or even look at you. It is like a game, and girls love it.

  1. The Mystery in them

A nice guy is willing to share information but the bad guys do not give everything in one go. You have to dig a bit deeper which makes them much more interesting and mysterious.

  1. Their Masculine attributes

They are so manly; it makes a girl feel safe. They are all about doing the dangerous over being safe. Their masculine attributes make a girl fall for them.


  1. We hope that a ‘bad guy’ will only change for her

Every girl wants a guy to change only for her and with nice guys, the scope of change is less as they do not need to change their already good habits. Making a carefree lad into a supportive, sensitive man through love is the most romantic thing.

  1. Their flirting has a different kind of charm

They make you feel weak in the knees! Bad boys surely know how to make a girl crazy for them. From their flirting to their gestures, everything leaves a girl always wanting for more!!! 


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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