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16 Things Every Girl Wants Her Future Husband To Know!

By- Shreya Sharma

Marriage is one of the biggest events in any girl’s life. This is the happiest and exciting moment in any one’s life. Our life completely changes when we get married, it is the new beginning for us with new people and everything is so different. And when we enter into this new phase of our life, we have so many questions and doubts in our mind but we will hesitate to say them loud. Here are 16 things every girl wants her future husband to know.

  1. To ask for our hand from our parents

We are what we are because of our parents. We want our man to ask for our hand from our parents because it will be a great honor for them.


  1. Treat my parents as your own

Marriage is not juts between two people; it establishes a bond between two families. The way we are going to accept and love your family as ours, the same way we want you to treat my family as yours.

  1. We could discuss money issues easily

We want our man to sit with us and have a peaceful conversation about how much to spend, how to save, joint accounts etc.

  1. To propose us in a fairytale style

We want our man to propose us in big, filmy, romantic manner. We want our proposal to be something we can cherish throughout our life.


  1. To give me my space

He should not roll his eyes or make a fuss about it when we want to spend time with our friends, family or some time alone. He should support us with our ‘me time’.

  1. To be a great son and supportive husband

We know you love your mom and so we do, but we want our man to support us when he knows that we are not at fault. We want you to stand by us.

  1. To allow me to wear the clothes according to my choice

We are mature and adult to know what looks good on us and what does not. We want the liberty to choose our clothes on our own rather than being forced.


  1. To appreciate us even when we are having a bad day

Because if our man will appreciate us, our bad day will turn into awesome.

  1. To never ask us to choose between my friends and you

We share an unbreakable special bond with them since long. We love our partner too. We do not want our man to put us in the difficult situation where we have to choose one.

  1. Respect my limits when it comes to sex

We do not want our man to force us into doing things into bed. Sometimes, we are not in the mood and just want our man to be in for cuddling only.


  1. To accept my personal choices

He should accept whether I want to work, sleep till late, make friends or eat something of my choice.

  1. To give me wardrobe and washroom space

We have lots of shoes, clothes, accessories, makeup products, styling products and gadgets that we need lots of space in wardrobe and washroom. We hope that he should understand.

  1. To pay attention to us

We want our man to listen to us when we talk. We want him to be our best friend, guide and confidant with whom we can communicate freely.


  1. To never force us to start family

We too want to have kids, but this should be our mutual decision about when to have kids and how many do we want.

  1. To make efforts in marriage

We want our man to plan surprises, trips and do spontaneous random things to make our relationship fun.

  1. To bless us with beautiful life

We want our man to be by our side always and put efforts to give us comfortable and beautiful life.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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