11 Things You Must NEVER Do After Your Bikini Wax!

By- Shreya Sharma

Bikini wax is a “no pain, no gain” situation. It is one beautiful yet painful experience. Yes, it is effective and long lasting but the next 48 hours after that torturous experience makes you feel sore, you are vulnerable to bacteria and are more high-maintenance. Be smart enough to put yourself in safe zone and avoid making mistakes which can lead you to more traumas. Here are 11 things you must NEVER do after your bikini wax.

1. Taking a dip

Avoid taking dip in public water like swimming pool or going to any water park for a few days as it can increase the risk of getting infection.


2. Going for steam

Avoid going for steam as steam opens your pores which push out the hair and you will think that your waxing was not done correctly plus it will attract bacteria then as warm wet places are breeding ground for bacteria which can make things icky.
    3. Going out in the sun

As you are clean down there, you might wish to flaunt your bikini look but do not go out in sun as your skin is more sensitive then and is more prone to get affected by UV rays which can lead to permanent skin damage or hyper pigmentation.

4. Intense workout

Running, aerobics, cycling can cause friction in that areas and sweating too can irritate your skin. Give your lady part a break from these things for a few days.


5. Exfoliating

Waxing not only removes your hair but also removes the top layer of dead cells, so scrubbing anything can lead to skin damage. Use exfoliating after a few days to remove dead skin cells to prevent ingrown hair.

6. Over heating

Getting things too hot may exaggerate your pain. Keep the air conditioner on or open up a window that can make things cool down. Avoid hot yoga.

7. Wearing tight clothes

Wearing tight clothes increases the friction between your cloths and skin which can make things worse as your skin raw and fresh. Wear breathable cotton fabrics or maxi dress or any loose cloth.

8. Getting a spray tan

The chemicals used in spray tan may irritate your skin plus the color will look uneven between waxed and un-waxed area.

9. Using products with artificial fragrance

It could be your perfume, lotion, soap or any toiletry with artificial fragrance or color which can irritate your fresh skin.

10. Taking bath

For the first week, it is better you opt for shower as running water from shower will be more clean than the sitting water for bath. It will reduce your risk of infection.


11. Having rough sex

Rough sex will lead to excessive friction which will cause discomfort your fresh delicate skin. For the first two days, let it be your cuddling time only.

Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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