11 Period Hacks EVERY Woman Needs To Know!

By- Shreya Sharma

Periods are the guest that we neither can ignore nor likes visiting us. They disturb our week with all those cramps, mood swings and cry sessions that we, ourselves sometimes deny accepting that this is we who are being so cranky. Plus, you got to plan your outing keeping your date in mind, and oh no water and the horror of wearing white clothes. We know how it is, why it is and how it feels and we cannot change our fate. But we work a little to make our periods feel better. Here are 11 period hacks every woman needs to know.

1. Two pairs of underwear

two pair of underwear

2. Gonna do my hair, and put some makeup on!

gonna do my hair

3. Old towel

old towel

4. Green tea ice cream

green tea ice cream

5. Self-pleasing mode, ON!

self pleasing mode

6. Red wine

red wine

7. Wear bikini bottom

bikini bottom

8. Galaxy prints to rescue

galaxy prints



10. Go vegan

go vegan

11. Tea tree oil for zits

tea tree oil

Source –  Whisper.sh

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