10 Things Every Girl Wishes Her Man To Do During Periods!

By- Shreya Sharma

Even after so many years, it is hard to deal with our periods. The cramps and surprise visits are enough to take our breath away and make us moody and cranky. It is so hard to explain the cramps and discomfort we face. This time of month takes a toll on us and we turn into a crying-to-angry-to-hungry person. This time is hard to deal and we want our man to be there for us. Here are 10 things every girl wishes her man to do during periods.

  1. Be empathetic

We know you cannot relate to it, but you have us to tell you the tales. It feels like someone is punching our stomach and back at the same time. So, we want you to show some empathy and kindness.


  1. Massage

We want a calming massage that can relax our stressed nerves and we will be thankful enough.

  1. Period sex

Our hormones are playing so much with us that we somehow like the idea of having sex at this time. So, please do not act grossly.

  1. Workout session

Physical activities help in relieving the period pain. Please encourage us to go for a jogging or treadmill run. We might not be super active at that time, but it will work for us.


  1. Be patient

Our hormones are making us cranky, needy, greedy and irrational. Please deal with us and try to understand us.

  1. Motivate us to eat right

We will want to consume junk food, caffeine, and alcohol, but please motivate us to stick to veggies and fruits. You need to help us take care of ourselves even if we throw tantrums.

  1. Help us with daily chores

We want you to take more than your share of chores and help us taking out the trash, doing the laundry and preparing the meal when we are on our periods.


  1. Some chocolates, please!

Chocolates help in the release of happy hormones, which increases our energy and reduces our cramps. Please, get us some chocolates.

  1. Make us happy

Crack jokes, make us laugh and take our mind off our periods. Please distract us. Try to keep us occupied so that we do not have the time to think about the bloody monster we are dealing with.

  1. Show your love

During our periods, our mushy version is taken over by the cranky version of ourselves. Even if we are being rude, please compliment us to calm us down.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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