10 Reasons Why You Should Ask The *Guy* You Like Out!

By- Shreya Sharma

We put the pressure of making the first move on guys because we know it is scary. But, it is the 21st century and you, girl, are no less than anyone, so why not make the first move and ask the guy you like out. Taking the initiative will take you far in the dating game, and you will feel proud of your capabilities. Here are 10 reasons why you should ask the guy you like out.

  1. It makes a great first impression

It shows that you know what you want and you are not insecure as you do not have to wait for the guy to approach you first. It takes a lot of guts to ask a guy out, and the guy knows how difficult it is, so he will find you awesome and courageous.


  1. Your self-esteem will boost

Even if you approach a guy and you fail, you will know your technique and know how to refine your skills. If he makes you feel bad about taking the initiative, then he was a jerk.

  1. You will have more control over the situation

Do not wait for the guy to make the first move, stop feeling sorry for yourself and call him. If the guy you are dating is not ready to take the things to the next level, then stop wasting your time on him.

  1. You will have the answer to all your questions

You will know if he likes you or not. You will be clear if he likes you and you will not have to question his moves anymore. Discussing his moves with your friends can be fun. But they cannot tell you if he likes you or not, only he can tell you about this. So go and clear out your doubts.

do you like me

  1. It shows your success

Successful women, do not wait for someone else to start. If you have the guts to ask a guy out, you have the guts to call your boss on the much-deserved promotion.

  1. It can lead to great communication

Lack of communication is the hurdle in every relationship. By initiating and taking a chance, you pretty much act like an open book.

  1. You have the guts

Do not doubt yourself, you can do that. To ask someone out is not as scary as it seems. Taking charge will make you realize that it is not as scary as you assume.


  1. Your friends will be impressed

If you stand up and take charge, you will inspire your friends to do the same. Your bestie will have more self-confidence because of you.

  1. It scares the guys too

Guys are not naturally trained to ask a girl out. They feel more pressure to make the first move because of the gender. Asking a guy out will save him some pressure.

  1. You might miss an opportunity otherwise

There are chances that the guy is scared to ask you out. The only way you’ll know for sure if something will or won’t work out is if you take matters into your own hands.

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