22 Little Ways To Show Your Partner Respect He Deserves!

By- Shreya Sharma

The way you want respect in your relationship, same way your man too expects the same from you. Every relationship is a give and take process to make it healthy and happy. If you do not respect your partner, your relationship will low down. Be careful with your actions so that you do not end up disrespecting your man and eventually harming your relationship that needs to be cherished. Here are 22 little ways to show your partner the respect he deserves and let your relationship grow.

1. Be attentive and listen to your partner’s needs, desires, concerns and wants.


2. Act on what you discovered with your partner’s needs, desires, concerns and wants.

3. When your partner requests you something, respond timely to what he or she asked for.

4. Use humor to enlighten your relationship in a careful manner that it only playfully tease your partner and not harm or hurt them.

5. Acknowledge and appreciate what your partner does and for who he is.


6. Only compare your partner with others to throw light on your partner’s strengths and talents.

7. Be confidential about the intimate details that only you know.

8. Be careful with your partner to work out differences during conflicts.

9. When complaining, do not turn into criticism.

10. Instead of sharp sarcasm, use gentle language.


11. Rather than complaining about your partner with others, directly talk to your partner.

12. When your partner makes a bad choice, be compassionate and assure him by saying things like ‘we all make mistakes and can learn from them’.

13. Encourage your partner’s efforts and offering; such as ‘You are full of good ideas’

14. Assure your partner that there is scope for many opinions.

15. Support your partner and his choices whenever you can.


16. Acknowledge the financial support your partner makes to the family expenses.

17. Acknowledge the way your partner contributes emotionally to you and your family.

18. Forgive your partner when he makes unskillful choices.

19. If you harm your partner, take responsibility. Learn from them so that you do not harm them again.

20. When you make bad decisions, apologize as soon as possible.


21. Show your respect for your partner in front of others.

22. Tell your partner that you are proud of him.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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