13 Signs You Think Are Good In Him But Actually Shows His ‘Creepiness’!

By- Shreya Sharma

If a guy is way too interested in you, way too soon, then it is an alarming sign that things are actually not right. Things can get awkward, uncomfortable and dangerous with this guy, and you need to learn to kick him out of your life before there is more of the mess. Here are 13 signs you think are good in him but are actually showing his creepiness.

  1. Having shared interest is exciting for him

If he is enthusiastic about your mutual interests, then he is clearly into you. But if finds about your interest and books classes for you even without asking you, then it will all feel over the top and it will show his desperation to woo you.


  1. He misses you after the first date

You just went on a date, and he has started texting you about how much he misses you and cannot wait to see you again, then he is just being desperate and obsessed.

  1. Big romantic gestures

You do not know each other enough, but he is sending roses to your workplace. This will not make you feel romantic; you will wish to run away from him because maybe you have never talked about your workplace ever.

  1. Texting all day

He texts you all day, even when you told him that you will be at the meeting or you will be busy with other things. It shows that he cannot respect your boundaries and your life away from him.


  1. A weekend getaway

You met once, felt connected, but he wants your second date to be the romantic weekend getaway, which is a clear sign that he is being creepy or obsessed.

  1. Unannounced visits

You may find it sweet when he comes to pick you up for a date unannounced, but hey, what if you have other plans, or you need to get ready or you do not feel like going out. He expects you to be ready for him all the time.

  1. He gets annoyed when you cannot meet him

He may find it cute to be angry when you cannot meet him, but it is not. Understand that he is a control freak and cannot take a ‘no’ without throwing a fit.


  1. His care seems creepy at times

It feels us with warmth when a guy wants to love you and take care of you, but if he takes it too far, it becomes too creepy. If he starts advising you on how to live your life or starts to make decisions for you, then he is being creepy.

  1. Uses your insecurities

When you were getting to know each other, you talked about your insecurities with him, so he uses your insecurities to make you love him. If your insecurity was your hair, then he will compliment your hair the first when you go on date.

  1. No respect for your alone time

He ‘accidentally’ turns up at the places you told him you will be going, either alone or with friends. He is being a stalker who wants to keep a check on you.


  1. Knows a lot about you

You do not know him much, but you think he is sexy as he is mysterious. It is worse if he knows a lot about you, but keeps his life sealed. This can be a sign that he is obsessed with you and want to know everything about you.

  1. For him, you are the only thing that matters

A man should care about a lot of things, not just you. If he keeps complimenting you, accommodating you and seems like he just wants to revolve his life around you, this is a sign of a helpless, insecure and damaged man — not the kind of guy you want in your life. Soon, all the attention he’s showering you with will start to feel claustrophobic instead of charming.

  1. Fighting for you

If a guy literally fights with another guy for you, this can be scary and some serious issue. He is possessive and jealous if he starts to punch the guy who was looking at you in the bar.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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