20 Flirty Ways To Text Your Crush That Will Get Him Interested!

By- Shreya Sharma

The Internet has made people go frenzy. You will hardly see people not being busy on their phone or laptop, scanning and searching things or stalking people. And when you have to pursue your crush, your internet connection and phone comes handy, because hey, you can stalk & text and know them more. Here are 20 flirty ways to text your crush that will get him interested.

  1. A “Hi” with a question mark

Send him a ‘hi’ with a smiley or question mark and it will arouse curiosity in him and he is bound to text you back.


  1. Be creative and unique

You need to be original and creative while texting the special person in your life. Flirt with him cleverly and he will respond.

  1. Ask simple open-ended questions

This is an awesome way to play with your crush. Avoid questions that have replies in yes or no. Ask him about his day or any such thing.

  1. Use emojis

While texting him, use emoticons as they will explain your intentions. And avoid using “LOL” and “HaHa”


  1. Play cool

Do not overdo the use of emoticons. Emoticons are for flirting, so do not go overboard. Same is for the exclamation and question marks. Use emojis at the beginning or at the end of discussion.

  1. Make him laugh

Start with a short amusing statement about something in trend or reference to some past. You can even send him funny images and meme to make him laugh.

  1. Use his name

It will bring you close and show your confidence to approach him. Write his name in the text to increase intimacy. Send him his name instead of ‘hi’ and he will reply you immediately.

  1. Text him at least once a day

If he is not great with texting, ensure you at least send him one text saying ‘hello’. But do not text him repeatedly as it will irritate him.

  1. Do not go too strong

Relax and send him the text when the time is right. Do not try hard to be funny and do not overthink. It is not worth it if he guesses that you invested a lot of time.

  1. Give him Compliments

Compliment him on his looks, his personality, or what his clothes. But do not go overboard with it.


  1. Appreciate his achievements

Congratulate him on his achievements and accomplishments and he will notice you as someone who stays updated about him.

  1. Show him your care

Ask about his life and how he is feeling to show your care and concern towards him.

  1. Act cute and adorable

Send him mushy texts that make you look cute and adorable and not desperate.

  1. Ask personal questions

Asking personal questions unite you together, but do not cross the line. Keep it fun and light rather than serious.

  1. Text him first

Do not wait for him to text you first. Text him whenever you feel like talking with him. Tell him what is on your mind and he will appreciate your honesty.


  1. Tease him

Tease him through texts to flirt with him. But make sure he understands that you are crushing else things might get serious. Use a silly name for him or send him a wink emoticon.

  1. Act a little naughty

Find subtle ways to excite him. Casually tell him that you just got out of the shower and it will race his imagination.

  1. A selfie

Remind them how great you look by sending a deliberately postured pic where you look as if you didn’t put much exertion into your look.

  1. Voice messages

Send him sweet voice notes saying hello or good morning to add some freshness to your conversation. Do not send him long notes.

  1. A kiss emoticon with goodbye or good night

This will make him feel joy and energy. Utilize the kiss emoji whenever you find it feasible.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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