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10 Things You’ll Probably Find When You Clean Your Room!

By- Shreya Sharma

For most of us, weekends mean room cleaning time. Our room reflects the reality of our life as both are a complete mess. And thankfully we get the weekend to arrange our room, if not our life. And when you clean your messed-up room, there are actually a lot of things come out along with the trash and you find some long lost stuff. Here are 10 things you will probably find when you clean your room.

  1. Bobby pins

If you make a bun, you can get it. You stock a huge pile of bobby pins which actually get lost in the mess of your room and you have to look for them each time you are in a hurry.


  1. Rubber band

When you need it, you just cannot find one. And now, you have a bunch of it.

  1. Unwashed clothes

Because your clothes instead of going into the laundry, gets stacked up on a chair and later you have to identify the unwashed ones by smelling them.

  1. Money

This is the best. It is like you just hit a lottery. This is unpredictable and can make you extremely happy.

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  1. Makeup wipes

We somehow manage to pull off the makeup every night but find it really hard to throw the wipes into the dustbin which we find lying here and there throughout the week.

  1. Footwear all over your floor

You might have even stumbled because of your footwear being spread here and there on the floor.

  1. Stinky socks

This is possibly the worst thing you can find when you clean your room.


  1. Random bills

You will find endless papers, credit card notes, bills, metro card recharge note, tissue papers, parking bills, movie tickets and what not.

  1. Completely used makeup

You will find empty packs and jars or makeup lying here and there. Sometimes they can even ruin your makeup vanity. From empty lipstick boxes to even their packaging papers you have got them all in your room.

  1. A pile of clothes

There will be a huge stack of clothes lying inside your wardrobe on a chair. Your wardrobe turns into the messiest thing after a long working week.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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