12 Things Only Messy Girls Will Understand!

By- Shreya Sharma

You are out of those who believe “my life is a mess but who gives a fuck!!” Your messed up life, messed up room, messed up hair or anything is not enough to stop you from resting on that clothes dumped on/piled on sofa of your and chill like a villain. You have research in your favor as it says messy people are more creative.   Here are things only messy girls understand.

  1. Everything may look like a recently tsunami struck area but you know exactly where everything is, this is what you tell your parents.


  1. But the truth is, your favorite book, sweatshirt or even one sneaker is missing.


  1. It is like a treasure hunt for you, you can locate a surprising number of items while searching for other.


  1. You like clean room, but who is going to put in efforts to clean this mess.


  1. You know the difference between MESSY and DIRTY.


  1. You have a panic room cleaning session when it is the time for your parents to visit your room.


  1. For you, the best way to clean the room is to step the things under your bed.


  1. You are one pile girl who has one pile for clean clothes, one pile for dirty clothes, and another one for your study stuff.


  1. You are least concerned about cleaning it up as far as you have clean path from door to your bed.


  1. The day you plan to clean your room, somehow at that very day only it ends up looking the same.


  1. The idea of sharing your room makes you nervous because you know the mess can lead to fuss.


  1. You lose your key on daily basis.


Source – Tumblr, Giphy

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