14 Ways You Can Show Some *Love* To Your Vagina!

By- Shreya Sharma

Vagina comes in all sizes and shapes; some are hairy, some neatly trimmed, smooth, bumpy, brown, pink and some other varieties. For a guy, all that matters is seeing a vagina. But since porn has created an ‘ideal’ vagina, we all get conscious about the way we look down there and how our partner will react to what they are going to see. A vagina is a beautiful, powerful and secretive thing. Here are 14 ways you can show some love to your vagina.

  1. Know about it

To know more about it, you need to take a tour to it. Know your lady parts on your own or you can Google it so that you know what you are looking at. Now, go to a room that you can lock like bathroom or bedroom, then sit in front of the mirror and open your legs all the way in front of the mirror. Now, take a look at yourself but do not compare.


  1. Trim your bush

Yes, it is normal if you want to stay natural and let your bush grow. But if you want to control your bush, decide if you want to wax, cut or shave it.  You can even search a pattern on how you want your bush strip to look.

  1. Bump-free

Bumps can be because of ingrown hair from shaving or other hair removal technique and this can make your vagina look like it has zits. And sure, you will not want to zit-looking bumps on your vagina.

  1. Kegels

Childbirth and aging can make your vagina loose and this can hamper sexual experience for you and your partner. So, do some Kegel exercise to strengthen and tighten up your vagina.


  1. Its smell

Douching to make your vagina smile will only make things worse as it is unhealthy. Maintain a good hygiene and keep your vagina infection free and it will make your vagina smell great. You can drink pineapple juice as it will make your vagina smell and taste sweet.

  1. Stay healthy

Maintain good hygiene in your vagina. Wash it before and after sex with a gentle soap to keep it clean and fresh.

  1. Be infection free

Avoid tight fitting jeans and pants. Wear clean and cotton underwear so that your vagina can breathe and prevent yeast infection. Use protection so that your vagina does not catch the infection.


  1. You can try surgery

If you want a drastic change, then you can try labioplasty or vulvaplasty. Get your vagina under the knife to get the ‘ideal’ vagina.

  1. Appreciate it

You do not need to spend the hefty amount to make your vagina look great. Just appreciate and be grateful of your vagina for whatever it looks like.

  1. Buy some presents

Your vagina goes through a lot, so apart from appreciation; buy some sexy surprises for you lady part, like sexy thongs or some toys. It will make you and your vagina happy.


  1. Jazz it

Only if you want to, give your vagina some bling.

  1. Love your vagina

Please your vagina and shower some love. Work with your finger or some toy to boost your confidence and sexuality.


  1. Understand reality

Look at your vagina, and it does not have to look like what you see in porn. If your vagina looks different, then it is okay and nothing to feel sad about.

  1. Be confident

Own your body and vagina. You have what you have, and be grateful and proud that it functions the way it should.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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