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8 Things You Need To Do For Yourself, Not For Him!

By- Jyoti Gupta

Men are in the big misconception that everything we do is for them. Sure we can do little things like dressing up a little to make his jaw drop for him but surely not always and everything is for them. There is the majority of things we do for our self and should even do for our self rather doing it for boys. Here are the things you need to do for yourself, not for him.

  1. Wearing makeup

Makeup is empowering, feminine and beautiful. And it should be always because of him. You want to look good because it gives you confidence that you are going to achieve whatever the hell you want and ain’t nobody can stop you.


  1. Shaving up legs

Shaving up our legs gives us smooth and soft feeling. If I am shaving my legs it’s because I love my legs smooth not because he loves it.

  1. Wearing sexy lingerie

It is our little secret to pamper our girl parts and feel awesome all day. Wearing sexy lingerie makes us feel powerful and sexy from inside. It gives boosts to our confidence.


  1. Dressing up

Because Why. The. Hell. Not. We do not need a reason to dress up. Plus we do it to make other girls go J. *wink*

  1. Managing yourself down there

It is all about hygiene, hygiene, and HYGIENE!! And of course, the smoothness is always a plus point.


  1. Exercising

It is not to impress boys but because we like to stay fit. I exercise because I like it. I like to sweat it out, to work out my body.

  1. Being a cuddler!

Because we want the warmth we get. Cuddling is relaxing at its best.


  1. Giving compliments

We are not trying to impress you, we are just one nice person who doesn’t have any ulterior motive but saying what we find pleasing.

Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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