14 Things To Never Put Up In A Relationship Because You Deserve Every Good!

By- Shreya Sharma

When we are in love we usually go blind and do not understand that the man we love possesses some dangerous qualities. Nobody is perfect and people change and grow with time which sometimes creates troubles in our paradise but a few of them can be solved at hand, while to solve the other problems it is better to call things off. Sometimes your partner’s behavior turns out to be so horrible that it is better to cut off the knot. This behavior could be out of insecurity or the desire to control and dominate in the relationship, but you should not tolerate it for any reason. Here are 14 things to never put up in a relationship because you deserve every good.

  1. Emotional or verbal abuse

If your partner tries to control you and your actions, this is one form of emotionally abusing because you are not allowed to be who you are. If your partner keeps an eye on you, humiliates you in front of your close people, forces you to ask for permission, takes out his anger on you and insults you with cruel name, then this is the time to call things off else it can put you in depression, anxiety, illness, and giving up on goals.


  1. Physical abuse

If your partner is abusing you physically, you should call things off. You do not deserve this treatment. You may feel it hard to gather up the courage to do so, but all you have to do is gather an evidence of abuse, collect your stuff, money, medicines, documents and escape to a safer place.

  1. Forcing you for sex

If your partner makes you feel bad when you do not want to have sex and forces him on you to have sex, it leads to assault. This is rape and you should drag him to the court for punishment. Giving consent to sexual act once does not mean you have agreed to have sex every time. Nobody can touch you without your permission.

  1. Body shaming

If you partner shames you for your weight or appearance or any other thing, then it is cruel and immature. It is his way to manipulate you that you are not good enough and no one will love you which will make it hard for you to call things off. He is just trying to dominate you. Remember you are beautiful the way you are.


  1. No attention to your sexual needs

If your partner rushes through foreplay, thinks his orgasm is important than yours, force you to do things that you are uncomfortable with or makes you feel bad about your sexual preferences, then you should voice your discomfort and dissatisfaction.

  1. Takes your career for granted

You cannot have a healthy relationship with someone who does not want to see you succeed. If your success makes your partner insecure, jealous and controls you, it is an issue to take care of. If your partner insults your work ethics, mock your achievement, or convince you to turn down opportunities, then you should confront him or walk away from the relationship.

  1. Not acknowledging your relationship

If you have mutually decided to enter into a relationship and even then your partner has not introduced you to his friends as his SO, then this is one red flag. Be with someone who respects you and feels proud to be with you, not with someone who hides his relationship with you.


  1. Gas lighting

If your man controls you and isolates you from your family and friends by making you doubt the reality, you need to be careful. They may offend you and when you confront them, he will say ‘it was just a joke’.

  1. Isolates you

If your partner isolates you from the people who are in your life much before your relationship, then this is one red flag. It could be because they have become controlling, jealous and insecure when you interact with any other person. And it ends up affecting your happiness and relationship with others.

  1. Accusing you of cheating

If your partner accuses you of cheating with multiple friends, even when you have not, then somethings is wrong. Your partner should understand that you have a life out of your relationship as well and having friends does not mean you are being unfaithful. If your partner keeps on accusing you, it might pressurize you to stop hanging out with your friends. If he hangs out with his friends and blames you, then it is the time you address the issue.


  1. Not respecting your limits

Does your partner smoke around you, even when they know you are not comfortable? Do they talk about your ‘ex’ making you uneasy? Do they share the information about your private life with others? If your partner is not respecting your limits you should confront him.

  1. Slut shaming

Does your current partner get angry about your sexual history or number of past sexual partners? Does your partner call you a “slut” or “whore” if your outfit shows “too much skin”? Slut-shaming is your partner’s way of asserting control over your body; it is disgusting and has no place in a respectful, loving relationship.


  1. Invalidating your experience

If your partner tries to convince you that important part of your experience is insignificant or untrue, you should start a conversation with him and tell him about what issues your gender and race faces. Do not let your partner disregard your anger.

  1. Interrupting you

Communication is the key to a successful relationship. If your partner talks over you, it is a bad habit you need to point out. Next time they interrupt you or talk to you, point out that this is one bad habit.


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