10 Valuable Things to do to sleep like a baby

Remember the Parineeti Chopra character named Meeta from the movie Hasee to Phasee? She teaches Siddharth Malhotra how to live like a baby who always keeps his hands open unlike us, who try to control things and keep our fists closed always.Well, the more we grow up, the more we crave to live like a baby and go back to our sweet and naughty childhood days. Because, while growing up, we are entwined into so many potholes, and we keep on shedding our true selves in those potholes. It’s high time to face this big bad and good world with a wit of a baby and become much relaxed and sleep well .

Here are a few tips on things you should do to sleep like a baby because without proper sleep you cannot feel energetic.

  1. Bath before the night starts

Before going to bed, make a practice to have a bath in lukewarm water. It helps open some cells and the body feels relaxed. While bathing, always think that the along with the dirt of the body the dirt of the mind is also being washed away.


  1. Essential Aroma Oils

While having your bath, put a few drops of aromatherapy oil like jojoba, aloe vera, ylang ylang, etc. and these oils would de-stress you. These essential oils has healing powers for mind and body.


  1. Positive Thoughts

Make a practice of leaving behind the whole day in your washroom. I mean, while you are having a bath in the lukewarm water with essential aroma oil, think that the day has passed and if you have failed somewhere, let that failure be washed away with the flowing water. If you have succeeded, let that also flow away. Just think that how positive your next day would be and plan that.


  1. Cotton Nightwear and clean bed linen

Always wear soft cotton night wear which is washed and clean while going to bed. The bed linen used should be light in shade and it should definitely be cleaned at least once a week.


  1. Soft Toys

Babies love soft toys, so to sleep peacefully like a baby, you have to consider yourself a baby first. Keep a few soft toys in your bed room and cuddle them up with you while going to sleep.


  1. Walk post Dinner

Most of the times, we face problems in falling asleep because our dinner needs digestion before we lie down in bed. So, make sure that you have at least a half an hour walk after dinner.


  1. Check what you eat

Generally, you should not take carbohydrates after 8 P.M. But our Indian culture seldom allows us to have such a routine. So, eat whatever you like but eat half stomach and not full stomach. Keep some amount of void in your stomach as it helps better digestion and a sound sleep.


  1. Meditation

Breathing in a correct manner is very important to lead a healthy life and meditation courses do teach us that. Before, going to bed, spread your meditation mat and sit down to enjoy meditation.


  1. Room Temperature

The room temperature should be neither hot nor cool. Spread a light blankets and keep the fan/cooler/air conditioner on at a nominal speed so that your body feels comfortable.


  1. Exercise the body

We all need a bit of exercise daily. Choose your convenient time, either morning or evening and work out for at least 45 minutes. Your body would feel tired and long for the cozy bed to fall asleep. Remember, babies work physically the most and that’s why they sleep peacefully.


Hope you would put these aforementioned into practice and lead a healthy life by sleeping like a baby.

Skadoosh guys!

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