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30 Things You Should Understand About Love And Life!

By- Shreya Sharma

Love and life both are one roller coaster ride which gives you all the thrills, excitements, ups and downs, fun, shiver and makes you quiver. Understanding your life and love is quite difficult. It is not all about romance and passion, love entails arguments, mood swings, nerve-wrecking experiences and everything. Here are 30 things you should understand about love and life.

1. If a man wants you, he will make it known to you. You will just understand it.

i like you boy

2. It is better to be with a nice guy as they will look better and better as you get older.

3. If you never had an orgasm, you have not lived your life to the fullest.

4. If there is an urge to check his phone, your relationship is already over because it is all about trust.

5. You are the youngest today; live it up to the best.


6. Do not worry about the ticking of clock; you are neither a bomb nor an alarm.

7. Being smart and intelligent is invaluable; do not curse yourself for this even if this complicates your love life. It will eventually serve you well in love and life.

8. You need not to prove yourself to a man, he should prove himself to you.

9. Think before sending a text, it might get you into trouble.

10. Be independent and never revolve your life around a man.


11. Do not ever compete with another woman for a man; you are demeaning your own self.

12. Love is an adventure which is best experienced without a checklist or map.

13. It is better to b alone than being in a bad relationship. Know when to walk away.

14. If he is not chasing you in the beginning, he will disappoint you in the end.

15. Sex gets better with every passing year.


16. Do not over please when it comes to man, it turns them off.

17. Do not just act hard to get, be hard to get.

18. If you are spending hours to analyze a guy’s behavior, he is not the one.

19. If you are comfortable with yourself, sex and life would be fun.

20. Your physical appearance is not the most attractive part of you. Let your soul shine.


21. If a guy is not into you, doubt him instead of doubting yourself.

22. Men will always look at attractive women even if they are in love or in a relationship. This is not bad.

23. Men want to be successful in relationship and work, so to make him happy, show him that he is successfully doing his job to make you happy.

24. Bitching and nagging will never work to get a man’s attention. Leaving him will work.

25. You do not need to know how to cook, but most men will appreciate it if you know.


26. Hold on to your girlfriends. They will please you in a way man cannot.

27. The hottest guy in the room is usually not the nice guy.

28. A man will do anything for you until he realizes that he has you. So, give yourself to him but still hold back to keep him on his toes.

29. Men are not women. They do not wish to watch RomCom.

30. Men do not catch hints, be vocal about everything with them.

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Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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