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17 Things Boys Can Never Understand About Girls!

By- Shreya Sharma

Men and women are not that different; after all, we both want to be pampered, loved and get compliments. But still there are certain things we cannot understand about men and men cannot understand about us. Though it is no rocket science, yet it is hard for men to understand the logic behind it. Here are 17 things boys can never understand about girls.

  1. Going to the bathroom together

It is the place where we gossip, freshen up our makeup, keep each other safe from strangers and exchange some girly things if needed.


  1. Taking so long to get ready

Men will never understand how difficult it is to make your eyeliner match and apply other products. Plus, hair styling is no less than a workout session. We have to pick an outfit, pack our bags and do a little touch up here and there.

  1. Making certain selfie faces

Making silly faces is our way to feel relaxed and comfortable. We try to keep our pictures lighthearted and fun.

  1. Having nothing to wear, even when our closet is full of clothes

We do not want to look plain and boring, so we like to switch up things. We cannot go wearing the same outfit for a week.


  1. Wearing heels

We wear heels because we love wearing it. They make our boobs and booties look amazing.

  1. Buying throw pillows

They are just cute, so we like buying them.

  1. The working of periods

They can never understand the pain of period cramps.


  1. Our stuffed bags

We carry as much as we can to be prepared for any situation.

  1. Our love for Pinterest

Pinterest is a productive place for us as we can plan our dates, meals and everything there.

  1. Matching lingerie

Men do not care if our bra matches our panties or what color it is. They think we look beautiful no matter what.


  1. Our love for Rom Coms

Most men cannot stand rom coms. We love it because it is purely based on dialogues more than action.

  1. The way we test them

It is just a way to make sure that you can be our boyfriend. We do not want to waste our time on someone wrong.

  1. The “I am Fine” saga

Men want us to tell them why we are upset because they do not like the guessing game.


  1. Stealing his food

Men do not understand that why we do not order food and steal from his order. It is because we do not want to have the entire meal. We only wanted a few bites.

  1. Catfights

They do not understand we just make catty comments instead of hitting each other.

  1. Wearing UGGS

Guys cannot understand fashion.

  1. Dealing with them

Men know that they are hard to deal with. That is why they do not understand why we love them so much.


Source –  Tumblr

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