Planning A Tattoo? Keep These 6 Things In Mind!

Tattoo is not only about getting inked. It is a fashion statement which, one cannot afford going wrong with as it stays for a longer time. We need to be really cautious while getting a tattoo as once inked, there is no going back. Here are some things to be kept in mind while getting inked.

  1. Look for registered tattoo studio

Do not try to tattoo on your own. Visit a registered tattoo studio which has trained and experienced professionals. The tattoo artist must have a licence and must follow standard regulations for tattooing.

  1. Check hygiene and safety standards

The place should be clean and the staff should maintain hygiene standards. The staff should be using disposable latex gloves. Make sure that the tattoo artist unpacks all the required equipments in front of you so as to avoid infection.

  1. Think twice before choosing a design

Your design should be not based on impulse. You must think again and again before choosing a design. Tattoos are permanent and removing them can be painful and expensive. Use your rational mind rather than emotional one while choosing a design.

  1. Check the expiration date of the ink

Before getting inked check the expiration date of the ink to be used to avoid any skin irritation or allergy. Make sure that the ink or dye to be used is approved for tattooing.

  1. Visit studio once before getting inked

You must visit tattoo studio once before getting inked while someone is getting their tattoo done. It helps you ensure about the safety measures taken by the studio as well as you can identify if it is going to be safe for you or not.

  1. Follow the provided safety guidelines

After getting your tattoo done, follow the safety guidelines provided by the tattoo artist to avoid skin problems. Do not remove the bandage from your tattoo before 24 hours. Moisturize the newly tattooed skin at least 3 to 4 times a day.

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